Easy Seared Scallops Recipe

Every time we would head out to a nice restaurant for dinner, scallops were my number one choice to order. I love scallops. There’s something about a fresh scallop that is both filling and somehow light, refreshing, and flavorful. I had always assumed I’d never be able to make my…

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5 Reasons to Add Cica Into Your Skincare Routine

I am a total beauty junkie and love testing new products and ingredients regularly. I was doing my weekly (who am I kidding – DAILY) Sephora browse when I spotted a new face mask featuring cica from one of my most trusted brands. I immediately became obsessed with this new…

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Bullet Journal Beginner’s Guide

Consider this your bullet journal beginner’s guide. I showed off my new bullet journal style planner for 2020 on my Instagram Stories last week and so many people had questions. I think bullet journals often seem intimidating or confusing because they’re blank – you fill them in. I don’t claim…

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Easy Gluten Free Red Sauce Pasta Recipe

I call this my man catching pasta. And believe me – it works. Just ask my husband. This is easily his favorite meal of mine I make. (Most) men love a good hearty meal. Who doesn’t? I love pastas because they feel warm and comforting – and keep me full.…

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Why Stoicism Will Change Your Life

Maybe it’s just all us Skinny Confidential readers out there – but I really feel like Stoicism is all the rage right now. Or at least reading about it. I was actually first introduced to Stoicism when I read this book back in college. I’m definitely not a “ra ra…

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The Biggest Everlane Sale EVER

Happy holidays, my beautiful little #BagelBabes! 2019 felt like it flew by for me – and honestly I can’t think of a better way to end the year than furiously spending all my gift money at Everlane. But real talk – Everlane rarely has any sales. And this one is…

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