Learn How to Channel Your Inner Green Witch

Witchtok has made witchcraft, dare we say it, cool. I mean – I personally think witches have always been cool. Whether you’re a believer in magic or not, witches have been identified and persecuted throughout the ages. “Witch” is a term often labeling women of power and individualism. All things that in today’s day and age we simultaneously admire and fear. To be a witch can mean many things, but to be a green witch is a specific type of witch who practices nature magic.

And really anyone can be a green witch.

I swear this blog and this blog post aren’t claiming that magic in the conventional sense as we think of it from storybooks is real. No, a green witch can’t fly. But a green witch can practice natural magic that is easily accessible and incredibly powerful. From the use of herbs to essential oils, many of the items your average green witch uses in her practice are probably already in your pantry or nightstand drawer.

So if you’re interested to learn a little bit more about the green witch lifestyle or how to become a green witch, read on.


So, if magic isn’t “real” what do witches do anyway?

If you’re a reader of fantasy, science fiction, or really any old children’s book, you likely have a mental picture of what “magic” looks like to you. Sorcery is most often associated with magical powers to cast spells that move objects, cloak the user in invisibility, or achieve other mystical acts of power.

That sort of magic isn’t real. At least, I don’t think it is.

But if we broaden our mind on what “magic” really means, it can encompass a whole world of healing, lunar living, and harmony between ourselves and the earth. Plants and essential oils can be therapeutic (modern medicine is built off the back of olden day plant magic). Eating seasonally by selecting produce that is in season is an amazing, healthy way to eat fresh, nutrient dense foods.

Magic can mean so many things beyond the storybook-esque “magical powers” we often believe magic to be. Magic can be the strength to say goodbye to a friendship that is no longer serving you. Magic can be leaving your journal out to cleanse under the full moon. Magic can be mixing up an herbal tea to soothe an achy throat.

Magic can be a return to self and an exploration of new self. It can be whatever you want it to be!

Green witches embrace the power of nature.

Not everyone who practices magic identifies as a “witch” or Wiccan, but a green witch specifically identifies as a witch who embraces the power of nature for her magic. Most witches (or non-witches who happen to love seasonal living) tend to consider themselves natural witches – seasons matter! A green witch will place extra focus on seasonal and lunar living, tracking the cycles, eating produce that’s in season, and looking to nature for guidance.

Green witches look to plants to heal.

My disclaimer: NOTHING replaces medical treatment or advice from your doctor. Period, end of story.

That said – one of my biggest takeaways during my health coach training was how well Western and Eastern medicine work together. Western medicine is rooted in science, procedures, and transparently at treating the symptoms rather than the source.

A good Western medicine doctor treats the symptoms. An uncommonly amazing Western medicine doctor treats the source.

A great deal of Eastern medicine does look to treat at the source. Diets are examined first and foremost, assessing if food can heal common problems like gut issues, skin issues, or energy levels. This is where green witchery can really shine. Plants and food do have the power to heal – and boy does a green witch believe it.

Green witches live by the seasons.

I’m a huge fan of promoting a seasonal living lifestyle even if you aren’t into “witchcraft” as you see it. Living seasonally is better for you and the planet. By shopping local, seasonal produce you’re supporting small farms and working with the planet to grow what is easily available in season.

Sure, you can snag various fruits and veggies year round at the grocery store – but there’s something that does feel extra magical about working with only what you could get if that big box chain grocery store down the street didn’t exist. We may not grow our own produce ourselves anymore, but we can support the local farmers that do and pack our diets with nutrient dense fruits and greens that DO taste better BECAUSE they’re in season. Whether you’re trying to learn how to be a green witch or not – I’d still add live a “little more seasonally” to your to do list.

How to become a green witch.

Have an open mind.

Learning something new requires admitting you have a lot to learn. Some concepts, histories, and practices will seem foreign, strange, or even hard to believe – and that’s okay! Try to have an open mind when trying out a new witchcraft practice. Not every spell you cast will work. Not every tincture you make will heal. Magic isn’t always about the results, it’s about the practice and the self love. So try to have an open mind!

Take time to slow down and appreciate cycles.

It’s impossible to be a green witch and not live by the Earth’s cycles. From the seasons to the lunar cycles, find fun ways to track and celebrate each and every stage.

I like to lean on the good Old Farmer’s Almanac for my seasonal updates. I find Farmer’s Almanac, trusted by farmers across the country, is about as thorough as it gets when it comes to knowing what the weather patterns should be, what plants are in season, and even tips and tricks on how to grow my own herbs.

For lunar cycles, I’ve been loving the app “TimePassages.” The majority of this app is free, offering status updates on what cycle the moon is in as well as some basic astrological information. If you’re really into astrology, you can upgrade to a free version that is packed with birth charts and more!

Read and research.

Like any kind of practice or hobby – I recommend reading up on the origins and history. With witchcraft especially, it’s really important to understand where different rituals originate from. We owe a lot of the things we practice in modern spell casting and witchcraft today to people of color, Native Americans, etc – we need to know and respect these origin stories.

Be kind to the planet.

You don’t even need to be an aspiring green witch for this one – be kind to mother Earth!

Books for the (aspiring) green witch.

The Green Witch: Your Complete Guide to the Natural Magic of Herbs, Flowers, Essential Oils, and More by Arin Murphy Hiscock

Consider this your nature witch bible! The Green Witch is exactly what it says it is: a complete guide to everything from green witch herbs to green witch spells. You’ll learn the basics of plants, essential oils, and other natural magics all in the name of self care and healing.

I love having a guide like this around to reference back to whenever I want a little magical inspiration. I’m also a huge fan of displaying books like this one in our guest room or guest bathroom. The cover is very aesthetic and looks like a piece of decor in addition to being a great resource!

Green Witchcraft: A Practical Guide to Discovering the Magic of Plants, Herbs, Crystals, and Beyond by Paige Vanderbeck

Green Witchcraft includes a handful of spells and charms for the green witch, but also has sections on tinctures. If you’re really wanting to channel a green witch herbal vibe – this book might be the one for you.

The Spell Book for New Witches: Essential Spells to Change Your Life by author Ambrosia Hawthorn

Again, scratch that old definition of “magic” and spells” from your vocabulary. The Spell Book for New Witches addresses many common misconceptions readers have about both witchcraft and magic. This book outlines the basics of creating an alter, casting spells, and how to use witchcraft in your everyday life.

The Spell Book for New Witches is not a green witch book specifically – it covers all types of witchcraft and magic! Making this book an amazing guide for all beginners or even those just interested in learning a little bit more about this world.

Waking the Witch: Reflections on Women, Magic, and Power by Pam Grossman

Waking the Witch is another non-green witch specific read that I highly recommend everyone add to their reading lists – especially if you don’t consider yourself a witch or practice magic. This book doesn’t contain spells, tinctures, or a breakdown of herbs and lunar cycles. Instead, Pam Grossman’s Waking the Witch dives into the history of witches, powerful women, and the decades of persecution faced by women of color, culture, and any sort of difference throughout history. Grossman dissects what it means to be a “witch” and how the word was wielded against women in an attempt to strip them of independence and power.

I read this book in under two days and enjoyed every second of it. If you’re into history, non-fiction, and female empowerment, add this one to your reading list.

Drop your tips and tricks for leaning into the green witch lifestyle below!

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