Why You Should Take Prenatal Vitamins Even if You Aren’t Trying to Get Pregnant

Two disclaimers before we start here – and no, this post isn’t sponsored. BUT: I am not a doctor. So pretty please consult with your physician before you take any vitamins, medicines, etc. It is my personal belief that most vitamins and supplemets are, how shall we say…boohockey. Truly. Most…

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Kitchen Items To Buy During Shelter In Place

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Has anyone else gone on a full quarantine online shopping spree? Because wowza I have. I’ve gone absolutely bananas buying home items online. I shop beauty and even clothing quite frequently, but I typically never shop home items. Especially not kitchen items. I’ve always just sort of gotten by with…

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Bagel Babe Book Club: 5 Books to Read in Quarantine

It’s definitely tough to find positives coming out of the global pandemic – but more time to read is one of those few! With all of us stir crazy indoors, I wanted to compile a list of five fun books to read in quarantine to keep entertained. And sane. Did…

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Skincare for Stressed Out Skin

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Anyone else stressed lately? Honestly – not trying to dig into that can of worms. BUT – when I’m stressed I notice so is my skin. From increased dryness (as an already dry-skinned gal) to extra pimples, I’ve struggled with stressed out skin more than ever lately. The one positive…

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Add to Your Capsule Wardrobe: Anine Bing SALE

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I rarely see an Anine Bing sale happen – and when I do I freak out. If you’ve been following along on Instagram – ya’ll know I’ve become addicted to Anine Bing graphic tees and sweatshirts. Her stuff is edgy, interesting, has vintage flair – and all the while somehow…

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How to Support Small Businesses During Shelter in Place

Unless you’re hiding under a rock – you’re up to your eyeballs in Covid-19 content. I’m not a medical professional or healthcare worker, so going to steer VERY clear of any health related tips and tricks. But I am a small business owner/content creator and so are a lot of…

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