Sustainable Gift Ideas – Holidays 2020

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If ya’ll follow me here on the blog, on Instagram, or watch my YouTube videos – you know I’m all about realistic sustainable living. Like, okay – we can’t all be an Earth hero all the time. But wow can we make small, subtle changes that make a huge difference.…

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Advice for First Time Home Buyers

As you can tell from the title of this blog post…we bought our first home! We’re moving at the end of November. Don’t worry, I’ll get into ALL the gory details, but what I really wanted to do today is whip up a post packed with advice for first time…

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How to Choose a CSA: Your Complete Guide

I didn’t really make any formal announcements on the blog, but on Instagram I let everyone know…I’m getting a certificate in holistic health coaching! I’m not really sure what I plan to do with that, but I knew immediately I wanted to shift my content to be more wellness focused.…

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Rare Beauty Review

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Selena Gomez’s new makeup line, Rare Beauty, has finally hit shelves after being one of the most anticipated beauty launches of 2020! I did an entire YouTube review right when the line launched, but always knew I wanted to add a blog post guide into the mix for all ya’ll…

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Sephora VIB Sale 2020 – Dates, Discount Codes, & Top Picks

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It’s every beauty junkie’s favorite time of year: the semi-annual VIB Sephora Sale. We all know Sephora rarely if ever has sales – only two times a year with a spring sale (usually around April) and a fall sale (now!). So if you’ve got beauty items you’ve either been eyeing…

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Cuyana Tall Structured Zipper Tote Review

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Cuyana is known for making the perfect leather tote. Or should I say totes – because there are several styles of tote Cuyana makes and they’re all damn near flawless. I’ve got whole blog posts and YouTube videos dedicated to my love of Cuyana’s Classic Structured Leather Tote, but frequently…

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