The Maestra Bag: A Senreve Review

Here’s the deal – I love a good handbag. As you guys know from my countless handbag reviews (like my Longchamp Le Pliage review, Cuyana reviews, and Neverfull reviews). Which is exactly why, after months of wearing my Senreve Maestra bags in every size they make, I knew I had to do a full Senreve review of all the Maestras.

To tell you the truth, I’m not even sure where or when I first saw the classic Senreve bags. I live in San Francisco and prior to the pandemic was commuting back and forth between an office. I saw plenty a Le Pliage or Neverfull on my commute – but I hadn’t really seen a ton of women rocking Senreve as a work bag until maybe a year or so ago.

What I DO know is that after I got my first Senreve Maestra – I was quick to acquire ALL the sizes possible (the standard size, the Midi Maestra, and the Mini Maestra). I considered doing a Senreve review for each of these bags, but to be honest the silhouette itself is that good and versitile I figured – let’s just do this all in one shot.

Find out if the Senreve Maestra bag is worth the price in this thorough Senreve review by Kelsey of Blondes and Bagels!

Find out if the Senreve Maestra bag is worth the price in this thorough Senreve review by Kelsey of Blondes and Bagels!

All about the Senreve Maestra bags.


The Maestra bag is a functionally designed, “affordable luxury” handbag. The silhouette itself is very structured (no matter what leather or size you choose) and has a distinct trapeze-ish shape. The bag has a front flap that closes with a notch design, with the exception of the Mini size which has a magnetic button closure. The bag also has a large top zipper once you open the flap, providing extra security. You’ve got a few strap options (including a convertible crossbody/backpack strap), giving you four ways in which to carry the bag: top handle, shoulder, crossbody, or as a backpack.

Inside the Maestra, no matter the size, you’ll find it’s designed with function in mind. The largest size Maestra has eight interior pockets and a laptop sleeve that fits up to a 13″ laptop. You can fit a 15″ laptop in the main center compartment, but honestly I don’t recommend doing so – it takes up the majority of the bag leaving little room for much else. I’m a big fan of utilizing my laptop sleeve – both my personal and work laptops are 13″ so it works out perfectly for me! The interior is also lined in a soft micro-suede which helps protect your belongings from scratches.

I don’t want to gloss over all the pockets too quickly, because the sheer amount of compartments in this bag DOES make it very special and unique. None of my other handbags in the Senreve price point or above have this level of function. I’m able to utilize my pockets to organize all my personal items rather than having to rely on small cosmetic style bags tossed into large totes (looking at you, Neverfull).

The bottom of the bag has feet – which rocks. I have noticed lately so few handbags have feet and it makes a huge difference in the long run to how a bag holds up to wear and tear over time. While we all like to think we treat our “nice” handbags well – the reality is you still need to be able to place your bag on the ground without stressing out about potential dirt or damage. It’s your bag – it’s meant to be used and loved.

At least, that’s my two cents on the topic.

Overall, I’d say Senreve’s designs (the entire brand, actually) really are all about functional luxury. All the bags are made with high quality leathers (there are vegan options now, too) and come with a lifetime guarantee.


The Senreve Maestra bags are priced at what I’m classifying as “attainable luxury” pricing. The classic, large Maestra size in pebbled leather rings in at $895, the Midi at $795, and the Mini at $695. For a higher end leather handbag line, I’d say these prices are pretty reasonable. Although obviously these bags are not as affordable as say a Cuyana tote or a Longchamp Le Pliage, when you’re comparing this pricing to a designer luxury brand like say the Neverfull (which is a non-leather bag priced much higher), Senreve’s pricing is looking pretty darn fair.

The only Senreve Maestra style pricing that I’m not sure I understand is their vegan Maestra which is the same price as the pebbled leather. I understand that the bag is still made in Italy with a hand crafted approach – so very high quality – but I’m not sure I understand pricing a non-leather bag the exact same as a leather bag just given the cost of materials.

Find out if the Senreve Maestra bag is worth the price in this thorough Senreve review by Kelsey of Blondes and Bagels!

Find out if the Senreve Maestra bag is worth the price in this thorough Senreve review by Kelsey of Blondes and Bagels!

Find out if the Senreve Maestra bag is worth the price in this thorough Senreve review by Kelsey of Blondes and Bagels!What fits?

Some of the questions I get asked the most about these bags over on Instagram is just how much fits in each size of the Maestra. Let me break it down for you.

My full size Maestra can comfortably fit my 13″ laptop, my bkr water bottle (the medium size or small size), notebooks, pens, a little cosmetic case, my wallet, and other daily essentials. What it cannot fit, with all these items included, is my lunch for work – I have to take my lunch in a separate lunch bag. This doesn’t bother me, though – it honestly seems fairly reasonable. The largest Maestra is big – but it isn’t a duffel bag. I have reasonable expectations. I typically use my large Maestra as my work bag or for plane travel.

My Midi Maestra is my favorite bag for more “active” on the go days (meaning I need access to a few more items than say a quick trip to the corner store). If KB and I are popping over to his parent’s house for dinner, I’ll usually reach for my Midi Maestra because I can pack a small water bottle, my Kindle (for some after dinner reading), plus some other personal effects. The Midi even has a sleeve for your tablet – I can fit my iPad inside!

The Mini Maestra is great for quick jaunts out of the house where I need very little. If KB and I are running to the grocery store, taking a walk in the park, or running any other small errand – this is the ideal size. I can still fit my Kindle in this bad boy, but not a tablet or iPad. I usually only pack my wallet, keys, and maybe the tiniest size bkr if I’m using this size.


Function of design

The biggest pro by far of the Senreve Maestra bags is the function of the design. I truly do not have any other bag other than my Vera Tote that is this functional. My Cuyana Structured Tote is able to match the amount of pockets and compartments of the Senreve Maestra only with the addition of their tote insert (and doesn’t have the top zip nor the convertible strap options).

The reality is that I love all my bags and use them all for different things – they all have a place in my collection. But the function of my Maestra bags is darn near unmatched. It really is something special.

Convertible straps

Another, more specific, functional aspect of the design is the convertible strap option. I’ve had “flexible” bags like this before, but none that could truly be worn this many different ways. I often find myself wearing the largest Maestra as a backpack and the Midi and Mini sizes as crossbody or shoulder bags. Having the option to wear these bags so many different ways is amazing because I always have the option to go hands free if I need to – without the worry of pickpockets thanks to the secure flaps and zipper.

Find out if the Senreve Maestra bag is worth the price in this thorough Senreve review by Kelsey of Blondes and Bagels!

Find out if the Senreve Maestra bag is worth the price in this thorough Senreve review by Kelsey of Blondes and Bagels!

Find out if the Senreve Maestra bag is worth the price in this thorough Senreve review by Kelsey of Blondes and Bagels!

Find out if the Senreve Maestra bag is worth the price in this thorough Senreve review by Kelsey of Blondes and Bagels!

Fast and easy shipping

Senreve has such insanely fast shipping on their website it’s legitimately worth mentioning in a Senreve review. Their shipping is WILD – even when it comes to “backordered” bags! All the bags I’ve ordered have shipped within 1-2 days, arriving promptly after. There was even one instance where I ordered a bag listed as backordered with an estimated shipping date one month from the date of order – and it magically shipped the next day.

Obviously I can’t speak for all shipping experiences with the brand – but I’ve had such noticeably efficient transactions I had to toss this one in as a huge pro, especially for those of you who don’t live near a Senreve store.

Quality of materials

Like we discussed earlier in this post, Senreve only uses high quality materials and craftsmanship. I’ll say the lifetime guarantee is really what does it for me – I appreciate a brand that truly stands behind the quality of their bags. If you’re going to pay a luxury price point, it better come with luxury quality and service. And at Senreve – it does.

Price for the luxury quality

And lastly – price. And yes, I am including price in the PRO category because I’m just not sure you can get the same luxury quality without the designer markup in very many other places. Cuyana is definitely another brand that dishes out high end quality – but Senreve really does feel like a special level of elevated. Without the Dior price tag, ya know?

The availability of vegan options

Senreve makes vegan bags. I love that Senreve offers vegan versions of some of their most classic bag shapes.



In all transparency, the Senreve Maestra bags do get pretty heavy when they’re fully packed (especially the large size). Just given the durability (read: weight) of the high quality leather, plus the full lining, all the pockets, hardware, etc – once you add items into the bag it just naturally gets heavy. The solve for this one is fairly easy for me, though – I just wear the bag as a backpack! I don’t find myself struggling with the weight when I’ve got the bag on my back.

Inability to comfortable fit above a 13″ laptop

Straight up – this is NOT a con for me personally. This is; however, something I’ve had loads of my followers mention to me as a personal complaint. I truly had no idea so many people had 15″ laptops. I’m a pretty tiny human (4’11”) so always opt for smaller size devices, but I totally understand how those with a 15″ laptop they need to cart around are struggling to find chic commute options. Standard backpacks that fit 15″ laptops aren’t exactly, shall we say, GLAM.

That being said – the large Maestra can technically fit a 15″ laptop in the main center compartment. It does end up taking up basically that entire compartment, though, so just something to be aware of. For me personally, this isn’t a con and doesn’t prohibit my use (or purchase of) the bag.

Awkward price category

YES – I think the price of the Senreve Maestra bags is a pro…but I do think it’s a bit of an awkward price point. I’m able to get high quality bags from the likes of a Cuyana at a much lower price point, which means if I’m looking to spend a little more cash, maybe I want to pay for that designer recognition? This one is honestly SO personal and will vary human to human. Some people love a more low key luxury that doesn’t have a flashy designer name to it – especially because that tends to mean it’s a more exclusive style you won’t see all your coworkers carrying, too. But other people may enjoy the style that comes with a brand name (like honestly, I LOVE the Dior Book Tote). There’s nothing wrong with either of these mindsets – they’re just different.

The awkward price point of these bags does make it a bit of an intentional buy. But the truth is you will NOT find a bag that looks like or takes the place of a Maestra elsewhere. There is no Senreve Maestra alternative. There is no great dupe for this bag – I’m actually pretty sure I read somewhere it’s patent pending in the U.S.

Find out if the Senreve Maestra bag is worth the price in this thorough Senreve review by Kelsey of Blondes and Bagels!

My final thoughts in this Senreve Maestra review – is it worth it?

Can you not tell from my Senreve review? I LOVE my Maestra bags. All three sizes of them.

I personally love that this bag style is versatile – I have plenty of options when it comes to size, color, and material. And the thing I love most is honestly the functional nature of the bag. As I get older I need function in my pieces – especially if I’m spending my hard earned money on it.

Other Senreve bags I love.

The Aria Belt Bag

The Senreve Aria Belt Bag is where fashion truly meets function. Belt bags as a category are pretty trendy when it comes to accessories, I’ve got to admit. But as per usual, Senreve has found a way to streamline the belt bag design and add loads of function other belt bags simply don’t have. The Aria has a removable strap that allows the bag to be worn multiple ways, along with Senreve’s classic microsuede interior lining.

The Alunna Bag

Senreve’s Alunna Bag is reminiscent of the design details found on the Maestra, but is an entirely different shape. Boxier and more angular, the Alunna is smaller than most of the Maestras and makes for an amazing everyday backpack or shoulder bag option. The Alunna, like all Senreve styles, comes in a wide range of colors. There’s also a mini bag version of the Alunna that, admittedly, is very cute.

Tell me your thoughts on the Senreve Maestra in the comments below! And make sure to follow me on Instagram – I always announce when there is a Senreve sale happening!

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