Why the Neverfull GM Might Be My Favorite Designer Bag – A Fashionphile Review

Ya’ll. I did it. I finally “upgraded” to the largest size Neverfull - the Neverfull GM. 

I wrote a big ol’ blog post about my Neverfull MM a year or so ago and it’s been one of my most popular posts to date. I had used my darker colored Neverfull MM for a while, but when my sweet parents gifted me a pre-loved Neverfull for Christmas last year in the lighter (Damier Azur) color, I completely stopped using my Damier Ebene.

Basically my mom had intended to get me a GM size so I’d have both a medium and a large tote bag, but she’s not as obsessed with watching Neverfull review videos on YouTube as I am and mistakenly ordered me another MM.

Don’t get me wrong. I love my LV. But I did not need two of the exact same bag in the exact same size. I was utilizing the lighter colored bag so often and ultimately made the decision to sell my other one and purchase myself a pre-loved GM size.

I want to hit on a couple topics in this post, so here we go.


Is the Louis Vuitton Neverfull worth it?

I’ve always struggled to answer the “worth it” question when it comes to purchasing high end handbags, makeup, or other expensive items. Mostly because what I think is “worth it” may not apply to all.

But let me be clear - I personally think the Neverfull is worth every single penny. The Neverfull is durable and well made. Yes, you can easily find a tote bag from so many brands, but from a quality perspective Neverfulls hold up like no other. Seriously. That’s why people can sell them online years after purchasing and still get most of, if not all of, their money back. It’s bananas.

All that being said - I wouldn’t necessarily buy one brand new. I have some blog posts about shopping pre-loved that you can read, but I really can’t stress it enough how awesome it is to shop second hand. First of all, it reduces waste! Did you know textiles make up the majority of the trash in the landfill? Eco friendly shopping aside, you’ll actually just save a ton of money.

I purchased my Neverfull GM from Fashionphile for $1,100 including shipping and tax. The Neverfull GM brand new retails at over $1,500 including tax. To be fair, California has high sales tax, but think about it....I "saved" $400. That’s a couple months worth of groceries. That’s several super fun trips to Sephora. I love "saving" a little extra cash wherever I can.

I use my Neverfulls almost weekly. I love taking Neverfulls on trips and to work. I don’t regret for one second adding this style to my wardrobe.

So YES. Worth it.

If a Neverfull isn't in your price range and you're looking for some Louis Vuitton dupe options - you can check out this blog post I wrote! Good Louis Vuitton dupes aren't easy to find - and they're NOT fakes or counterfeits. So trust me, I took my time perfecting that post for ya.


What color Neverfull is best?

The Neverfull comes in three different coated canvas prints. There are also Neverfulls in seasonal prints and in other materials, but for the purpose of this post I’m going to focus on the traditional three coated canvas bags.


I don’t own any monogram items at this time, but hope to add a piece or two at some point. My strategy here is to stick to smaller accessories or smaller handbags in this print. I love a good designer logo print - but all over LV can be a little loud for my taste. 

Damier Ebene

I’ll admit it - I think Damier Ebene is my favorite colorway. Not only am I obsessed with the richness of the shades of brown, but I love that all Damier Ebene pieces come with treated leather trims, meaning you won’t have to worry about patina or staining of raw leather like on Monogram or Damier Azur pieces.

Damier Azur

Straight up - I love my Damier Azur Neverfull. But I’ll also keep it real - it gets dirty. My parents actually gifted me mine pre-loved and honestly I think it was the smartest decision. I would hate to worry about dirtying up a brand new white bag. My recommendation here is to buy pre-loved only!

What are the differences between the Neverfull MM and GM sizes?

There is definitely a considerable difference in size between the Neverfull MM and Neverfull GM.

The Neverfull MM is 12.6" in length, 11.4" tall, and 6.7" wide vs the Neverfull GM at 15.7" in length, 13" tall, and 7.9" wide. This essentially means the GM size is a full 3" longer, 2" taller, and 1" wider. You're getting a lot more space when you "upgrade" to the GM size.

What size Neverfull is best?

The long story short here is that the Neverfull MM is better for every day while the Neverfull GM is better for a long work day (work to gym, work to drinks, etc) and travel. Now that I own both of these bags, I can tell you honestly there is zero cannibalization. I use both sizes for different days depending what I've got going on!

Is the Neverfull GM too big for petite girls?

NAH GIRL. Lolz. Real talk - I am 4'11" and my biggest worry with buying a Neverfull GM was that it would absolutely swallow me.

I'm happy to report I don't look too ridiculous - and even if I do I super don't care because this bag is functional AF. You can snoop all the photos in this post for size reference. I definitely qualify as petite!

Shop pre-loved Neverfulls


What is Fashionphile?

I love buying bags preloved - I've written a whole post about it here. I shopped around on all my usual favorite preloved sites, but found the best deal on a Neverfull GM on Fashionphile.

Fashionphile is a site where you can both buy and sell pre-loved designer goods. I've done a few comparisons of Fashionphile prices vs other sites and have found them to be incredibly competitive.

Is Fashionphile safe?

Most people want to know when shopping pre-loved is this site safe?

I feel 100% confident that YES, Fashionphile is safe and reputable. All items are verified and if for any reason you find out that your item isn't authentic (highly highly unlikely this would happen - Fashionphile will take it back).

I also love that Fashionphile has a return policy! Most pre-loved sites are final sale, but Fashionphile lets you send your item back within a certain time frame if you aren't satisfied for any reason (just make sure the pink tag is still attached).

Honestly, if you're thinking of shopping designer items pre-loved (and I highly recommend you do), I would absolutely recommend Fashionphile. My experience buying my Neverfull GM was awesome!


All in all, I'm obsessed with my new bag. My Neverfull GM came in looking pristine (even better than the Fashionphile description) and I use it - no joke - weekly.

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Do you have the Neverfull GM? Do you shop pre-loved? Share your tips and tricks in the comments below!