Plan the Perfect Pumpkin Patch Visit

Pumpkin patch season is upon us. And honestly what a glorious season it is. I have so many fond memories with loved ones picking pumpkins, browsing the various attractions a farm has to offer, and getting lost deep inside a corn maze. Spooky season is officially here, so here’s my list for how to plan the perfect trip to the pumpkin patch.

It's pumpkin patch season! Plan the perfect visit to a pumpkin patch near you with these easy tips and tricks!

Search for local farms and pumpkin patches near you.

I typically scour sites like Yelp when selecting my pumpkin patch of the year. While I used to love revisiting old field trips stomping grounds – the truth is that as an adult I’ve actually loved visiting farms that do more than just grow pumpkins. There are so many amazing, local, small farms that grow pumpkins to pick, but also host activities for the whole family like cheese tasting, produce picking, and even festival-like markets and games. Local farms need our support now more than ever!

Don’t forget to check for opening dates. I’m usually pretty eager and am on the hunt for farms that open as early as September, but most farms won’t open until early October. You can always contact each farm individually if you have any questions on opening dates and times.

Buy your tickets in advance.

Some pumpkin patches and farms will require tickets if you want to partake in a specific event or activity (like a haunted house!). Tickets can absolutely sell out fast. It’s best to grab your tickets well in advance, especially if you plan to pop by on a busy Saturday. I’ve generally found that admission to local farms isn’t costly – maybe between $5-$10 a person. Sometimes these tickets even count towards a purchase at the gift shop or towards a pumpkin!

Plan to leave your pets at home.

When I think of pumpkin picking I wouldn’t necessarily think this isn’t a pet friendly activity – but if you’re planning to visit a local farm it may not be. Because local farms do more than just grow pumpkins, they’re likely to play host to plenty of barnyard animals and maybe even grow food. Unfortunately this means all pups must stay at home. So if you’re like us and added a puppy to the family recently – plan for Fido to spend the day at daycare or lounging on the couch safely at home.

It's pumpkin patch season! Plan the perfect visit to a pumpkin patch near you with these easy tips and tricks!

It's pumpkin patch season! Plan the perfect visit to a pumpkin patch near you with these easy tips and tricks!

Pack plenty of snacks – just in case.

Some pumpkin patch farms will have snacks, stands, and foods galore. Honestly one of my favorite pumpkin patches I’ve visited of all time was a cheese farm year round – meaning we got to taste loads of delicious cheeses! But just in case the pumpkin patch menu is scarce – it’s smart to pack your own snacks. I try to never get caught hungry.

Dress for the weather that’s real – not the weather you want.

I’m based in California, with gorgeous sunny days blessing us nearly year round. That said – sometimes those of us living the West coast life wish we had some Fall weather! I know it’s crazy tempting to dress for the perfect Fall aesthetic to nab some pumpkin patch photos, but the sweat stains from wearing chunky knit sweaters in 80+ degree weather isn’t worth it. Dress for comfort, not for the Instagram photos.

Drop your pumpkin patch trip planning tips in the comments below!

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