Fall Aesthetic 101: From Outfits to iPhone Wallpapers

It’s officially September, which means its time to channel your ideal Fall aesthetic. I feel like every year when the clock strikes September 1 it’s like the Avengers assembling. Except in this case the Avengers are girls decked in Spanx faux leather leggings, suede over the knee boots, and big floppy felt hats.

It’s a vibe.

If you’re like me and love this cozier time of year, let’s dive into all the fun ways to channel the ultimate autumn aesthetic.

Learn how to channel the perfect fall aesthetic, from fall aesthetic outfits to iPhone wallpapers, in this fall aesthetic guide.

Add pumpkin spice to your morning coffee.

It’s officially #PSL season. I’m actually a pretty big fan of making my coffee at home. Not only does making your own morning beverage save major money, but it means you have the flexibility to doctor up your drink just the way you like.

I’ve been a huge fan of adding a pumpkin spice seasoning to top off my latte foam. This seasoning is an easy one to find at stores like Target or Whole Foods and gives your morning coffee a hint of fall aesthetics all year round.

Take time to look at the stars.

Seasonal living means getting in tune with the lunar cycles and the stars. A recent activity of mine has actually been tracking the lunar cycle and leaving objects out to “recharge” under the full moon! With longer nights approaching, star gazing and lunar cycle tracking is an awesome way to tune into a Fall aesthetic.

I’m pretty obsessed with the app Time Passages. This app gives you a great glimpse into the current lunar cycle along with a whole host of other astrological information. The app itself is free, but there are some pay to play upgrades that, in my opinion, might actually be worth paying for if you’re into astrology.

Switch out your iPhone and desktop wallpapers.

I not only swap out my home decor for more fall forward pieces, but I also swap out the icons and wallpapers on my iPhone, iPad, and computer. We truly live attached our devices at this point, so it’s such a great way to get into a festive spirit by swapping out your app icons and wallpapers seasonally.

Creative Market is my favorite place to shop for Fall aesthetic icons and cute Fall aesthetic wallpaper packages. Creative Market is packed with digital downloads from artists all around the world – and typically at really low prices. You can also snag some images for free on Tumblr (there are loads of Fall aesthetic Tumblr pages out there). The only downside of downloading Fall aesthetic pictures for free is you may have to design your own app icons yourself – I find buying them on Creative Market much easier (plus it means supporting small artists!).

Learn how to channel the perfect fall aesthetic, from fall aesthetic outfits to iPhone wallpapers, in this fall aesthetic guide.

Drive to see some Fall foliage.

Get into that Fall autumn Halloween aesthetic by planning a little Fall foliage road trip! It’s actually on my bucket list to visit Vermont in the Fall for this very reason. I’ve slid down one too many Fall pictures Pinterest board rabbit holes that I’ve become obsessed with the red leaves you can find seasonally on the East Coast. Since we’re still in the middle of a Panera Bread it might not be super realistic to make travel plans this year, but scouting out local locations with some Fall colours in the leaves is still worth the extra effort.

Make a visit to a sunflower field or pumpkin patch.

Pumpkin patch season is upon us – just like the PSLs. Pumpkin patches tend to open up in late September and early October, but sunflower fields are usually open starting earlier in September. Trips to local farms not only gives you all the warm and cozy Fall aesthetic vibes, but also supports local farmers!

Break out the Fall aesthetic clothing.

I am always a huge advocate of building out a capsule wardrobe. Capsule wardrobes are not only more ethical and sustainable, reducing the need to buy new trends as they come out – but they’re also easy to transition from season to season. The start of September marks the moment to pack away your Summer tank tops and shorts and bring back out button downs, flannel, denim, and cozy knitwear.

Sweaters and layering pieces.

When building a Fall aesthetic capsule wardrobe, sweaters and layering pieces are key. I always start with a base t-shirt layer in a neutral color. I then stock my wardrobe with 3-5 sweaters or layering knits to mix and match over my tees. Again, I love to stick to neutrals so that nothing ever goes out of style.

Everlane makes amazing Fall sweater styles. The sweater is a staple when it comes to Fall aesthetic clothes and Everlane is fairly transparent when it comes to how their clothing is produced and made. Though not a perfect company, I do think Everlane constantly tries to do better when it comes to the ethics of the fashion industry.

Boots galore.

Another key piece to Fall aesthetic outfits are boots. Tall or short – it doesn’t matter. But rich leathers and suedes are the best way to go. The Everlane Western Boot is a staple of mine (I own it in three colors!). This style is discontinued for the moment, so I’ve linked some other Fall boot options here for you.

Knit and felt hats.

I feel like hats can often be a pretty polarizing accessory. Those who wear hats are constantly on a search for styles that fit while those who don’t wear hats often find them a rather intimidating accessory to wear. While I don’t mind finding a good deal here and there, I really recommend treating a felt Fall hat as a little bit of an investment purchase. These will not go out of style.

Goorin Bros is my favorite store to shop for hats. Their site is constantly refreshed with new seasonal styles. Their customer service and marketing teams also all work really hard to give you all the fit info you might need up front – and an easy process for exchanges if you don’t get the size you need.

Learn how to channel the perfect fall aesthetic, from fall aesthetic outfits to iPhone wallpapers, in this fall aesthetic guide.

Stock up your TBR list with cozy Fall new releases.

I subscribe to the Barnes and Noble and Goodreads email lists so that I get up to date information about the latest book releases. There are so many fun Halloween, autumn, and Fall drops coming out in the next few months!

The Last Graduate by Naomi Novik

If you’re into the dark academia aesthetic – this one’s for you. This is the second book in the Scholomance series, the first of which I binged earlier this year. Galadriel finds herself in a school that is literally trying to kill her. Her and her magical classmates must band together to survive. Packed with adventure and a teensy bit of romance, this is such a fun spooky season series to get into this year. The Last Graduate releases on September 28, 2021.

Under the Whispering Door by TJ Kline

From the author of The House in the Cerulean Sea. This is described as, “a delightful book about life with Death as a character and a ghost who doesn’t want to cross over to whatever’s next.”

The Final Girl Support Group

A true horror, mystery, and thriller wrapped in one. This book outlines a group of girls who have survived the unthinkable and meet regularly as a support group. Then one meeting, a girl goes missing. If you’re into a spooky vibe, this one’s for you.

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