How I’m Relaxing The Night Before My Wedding

Planning a wedding can be insanely stressful. Mind-blowing information, I know. Lol. But seriously - weddings can be stressful, which is exactly why I'm putting a big focus on how to pack and relax for my hotel stay the night before.

I was incredibly picky with vendors for our wedding all around. I'm a naturally intense and fairly high stress individual - I need good vibes. I worked super hard to find vendors and venues that were managed by relaxing, fun, kind, and organized individuals that make my life easier.

Which is exactly why I'm staying at the Omni San Francisco the night before our wedding. I wrote about the Omni's green initiatives a while back and honestly after learning so much about how sustainable the property is I was totally sold. Plus, the staff is out of this world. 

I even just got an email from my Omni family in my inbox as I'm typing this with a questionnaire about all my needs for the wedding day (full length mirror, steamer, etc). So YES - I'm staying at the Omni and they're making my life insanely painless.

So let's dive into alllll the things I'm doing to make the hotel feel like home the night before my big day.


Make a list & pack early.

My biggest stressor right now is just making sure I don't forget anything. From the dress to my shoes to my perfume, makeup, bridesmaids gifts, parents gifts, etc - the list is massive. The point is, make a list. Make your list early.

Waking up the morning you're ready to check in knowing you have everything you need is comforting. Forget something? Ring the front desk - they may be able to help!

Coordinate with your hotel in advance.

The Omni has honestly made my life so much easier because we coordinated on specific items in advance. I was able to work with our contact to order breakfast beforehand for all of my bridesmaids - one big item checked off my list! They'll also be helping switch my bags from my getting ready suite to the Presidential Suite (our digs for the actual wedding night!).

Entertain thyself.

I'm not nervous to be married - I'm nervous to get married. There's so much pressure around the big day to be *perfect* so I need loads of relaxing distractions the night before. I'll have some of my close friends staying with me at the Omni, but I might also need a lil' entertainment.

I'll for sure be packing my Kindle, my Switch - all the good stuff. Yes, I will be playing the newest Pokemon game the night before my wedding. Lolz.

Skincare, bath bombs, & streaming services.

Obviously I'll be packing all my major self care items. Face masks and bath bombs galore! I really just want to do a hydrating face mask while watching Netflix or Disney+.

Sounds like an ideal evening to me.


Any tips and tricks for pre-wedding relaxation? Slide into the comments!

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