Gifts for Wine Lovers

Few things beat a big, beautiful glass of wine at the end of the night – and this list of gifts for wine lovers is packed with everything any vino aficionado could ever need. Especially with holidays, birthdays, and other celebrations on the horizon. Bookmark this one, ya’ll!

I’ve been bringing contributors onto the blog the month of November, so am thrilled to introduce today’s post is written by Emma Morar!

This list is packed with gifts for wine lovers that your vino loving friends and family won't be able to get enough of. Bookmark this one!

We’ve all got that one friend who LOVES their wine, and I’m so excited to be writing on this topic because I am THAT friend! I’m Emma, a wife, mom, and U.S. Navy veteran. I love working out with my local Fit4Mom group, and a book and a glass of wine are how I unwind at the end of a long day. I do have my own blog, but writing for Kelsey has helped me explore my creativity, and I’ve enjoyed it thoroughly! I have two beautiful babies, a girl, age two, and a newborn baby boy who recently turned two months old. Thanks to my time in the military, I was able to explore a bit of Eastern Europe, and so began my love affair with wine. I’m particular to red wines, and Cabernet Sauvignon is my favorite. This topic was so fun to research, and I even added a few of these gifts to my holiday wish list. 

Shopping for gifts for wine lovers can be a bit tricky. Besides a bottle of wine and nice glasses, what else do they need? These gifts are among the top rated and most popular gifts for wine lovers. From a simple way to hold your glass in the bath tub to a fancy wine preservation system, these gifts are sure to awe any wine lover in your life.

The Six Basic Wine Necessities Any Wine Lover Needs ($50 or less)

Wine Tumbler – $24.99

Love wine, but need to take it on the go? A wine tumbler is the perfect gift for your outdoorsy wine loving friends. Available in five colors, this stainless-steel tumbler is dishwasher safe and holds 10 ounces of wine. Whether you’re sitting by the pool, beach, on the deck, or on the boat, a wine tumbler is the perfect accessory to keep your wine contained and at the perfect temperature.

Vacu Vin Wine Saver/Stopper Set – $17.99

Vacu Vin is a household name when it comes to wine preservation, and this wine saver is no exception. At an affordable price, the Vacu Vin wine saver/stopper set allows you to save an open bottle of wine by vacuuming out the air to slow the oxidation process. Simple place one of the grey rubber stoppers in the bottle and use the saver pump to vacuum out the air. You will hear a click when you’ve reached maximum vacuum level.  This set includes the vacuum pump and one rubber stopper.

Rose Colored Wine Glasses – $50

Every wine lover needs a set of beautiful wine glasses. These rose-colored wine glasses bring a little flair to the table. They are dishwasher safe and come in red wine, white wine, and champagne styles. A sleek, and modern gift for wine lovers.

Electric Wine Opener with Foil Cutter – $50

This compact electric wine opener is the best accessory for wine lovers. Simple place the corkscrew on the top of the bottle, and let it do its magic. It also has a built-in foil cutter, so need to cut the foil before using this electric corkscrew. It is rechargeable and perfect for use on the go.

Champagne Stopper – $40

Are your friends more in love with champagne and sparkling wines? This champagne stopper from Le Creuset preserves sparkling champagnes with an air tight seal. The switch style valve makes it easy to lock in carbonation with a single motion ensuring your next pour will be just as bubbly as the first. 

Swoon Decanter – $34.95

This decanter is not only beautiful, but it’s the perfect accessory for dining tables during holiday dinners. The Swoon Decanter is handmade of glass and pours like a dream. With an 80 oz capacity, this decanter allows your wine to breathe in a beautiful way. This would make a great gift for any hostess this holiday season.

5 Bougie Gifts for Wine Lovers That Will Make Others Jealous ($50+)

Vinglace portable bottle insulator – $89.95

From hostesses to friends who love champagne at picnics, the Vinglace wine chiller makes a great gift for any wine lover. Made of stainless steel and double walled, it keeps your wine and/or champagne cold for hours. It comes with a beautiful gift box and can even be customized to make the gift more personal.

Wine by the Glass System – $210

All of your wine friends will be jealous of this gift! The Coravin uses pure argon gas and a nonstick stainless-steel needle to deliver wine without opening the bottle. This gift is on the higher end of gifts, but will be used by any regular wine drinker who loves different wines each night. This gift comes with two Argon gas capsules and each capsule allows you to pour fifteen 5oz glasses of wine.

Aeravana Electric Wine Aerator  – $99.99

This beautiful electric wine aerator is perfect for red wine lovers. It sits right on top of the bottle for easy dispensing. With the press of a button, this device aerates and dispenses wine in a tap-style fashion for the fullest flavor. This gift is sure to be the most popular amongst your wine loving friends. 

Vinglace Gift Set with 2 Wine tumblers – $124.99

The Vinglace Gift Set includes the wine chiller (mentioned above) and two stemless wine glasses. It comes in a beautiful gift box and can be customized as needed. Available in multiple colors, this gift set is an awesome gift for any hostess or couple.

Cooler Backpack – $150

A cooler backpack is a perfect gift for the wine lover who loves to travel. This backpack is not only beautiful, but it holds 2 bottles of wine and 8 cans or 12 cans. It comes in seven different colors and is the perfect accessory for the stylish wine lover on your list. I also love the hands-free capability with it being a backpack.

9 Smaller Gifts That Will Make Any Wine Lovers Day ($30 or less)

Wine Pairing Chocolate Bars – $19.95

The combination of wine and chocolate elevates the flavor of both for a truly unique tasting experience. This is a stylish gift idea for wine enthusiasts and Belgian chocolate aficionados alike. 

Wine Subscription Box – $30

Have a friend that loves to try any and all wine? A wine subscription box is the perfect gift for wine lovers. Upon signing up with Winc, you will complete a six-question quiz about your taste preferences which will help you get a curated trio of bottles. Receive four bottles for only $30 when you sign up with their current offer

4 Bottle Wine Tote – $25

This wine tote is perfect for transporting wine to a party or outdoor gathering. It holds four bottles and is padded to keep your bottles from rattling around inside. It also doubles as an insulated tote for picnics and travel. This bag comes with a shoulder strap and an attached handle and is easily folded up for storing.

Wine Bottle Coaster – $20

This luxurious marble wine bottle coaster is the perfect resting spot for your wine bottle. It protects your table from drips and preserves the wine’s ideal temperature. Coming in right at $20, this is the perfect gift for wine lovers who also love to host. 

SipCaddy Wine Holder – $15

Who wouldn’t love a little bubbly during their bubble bath? With this suctioned wine holder, your wine of choice will always be within reach. This is a perfect wine gift basket item or as the little swap gift for your sister-in-law.

Wine Folly: The Essential Guide to Wine – $15

Drinking wine isn’t hard, but understanding great wines requires a deeper understanding. This unique book designed by the creators of the Wine Folly website, gives readers answers to all their wine questions. It includes a guide to pairing food and wine, detailed taste profiles of popular and underrated wines, methods for tasting wine and identifying flavors, and so much more. This would make a great gift for wine lovers in your life!

Wine-Opoly – $18

Nothing beats sitting around the table at the holidays with a glass of wine and a competitive game of Monopoly. Take it up a notch this season with Wine-Opoly! In this game, you buy wines, collect grapes, and trade them in for decanters. Deeds contain fun facts about different wines, and instead of passing Go, you Cheers! A game guaranteed to be a hit at wine club!

Wine Filters – $22

Love wine, but tired of the headaches that linger the next day? These wine filters remove the histamines and sulfites from your wine ensuring those post-wine headaches will be no more! The wand purifies all red, white, and sparkling wines without changing the natural flavor. They are small and portable, so throw them in your purse for a night out with the girls. 

Wine Wipes – $20

One of the downsides of loving red wine is the red stain that tends to linger on your teeth afterwards. These travel-friendly, convenient wipes are perfect for removing the red wine stain. These are great to have on hand if you’re hosting a wine tasting party. Your guests will thank you!

All of your wine gifting needs in one place!

From the fanciest of gifts to multiple items perfect for a gift basket, these gifts are sure to make any wine lover smile. I mean, what wine lover wouldn’t love to have a beautiful decanter to show off at the party? Or a fancy wine by the glass system to help preserve their bottle (if they don’t finish it)? A bottle of wine is a great gift for any wine lover, but spice it up this holiday season with one of these amazing gifts for wine lovers.

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