Wine Wednesday: Peju Provence

Napa is an amazing place for a girls trip (or any trip, for that matter). A group of close girlfriends and I took over Napa for a weekend and hired a lovely limo driver (Bruce!) to take us around the valley in search of drunken good times. I can admit that I don’t exactly have a refined and educated palette – I basically just taste wine and can tell you if I do or do not like it. I told myself I’d only come home with a bottle if it was something truly unique, something I couldn’t get at any old grocery store.

Enter Peju Provence. We stopped into Peju on our last day in Napa and wandered the grounds a bit before entering. They had a large table set up in their garden area with glasses and bottles of champagne at the ready for visitors (…I think I’m going to like this place…).


Peju had some amazing whites and amazing reds, but what I fell in love with was their blend, Peju Provence. This blend of red and white is best served chilled and is oh so tasty. Provence is the perfect wine for red drinkers on a hot day – I love a good glass of pinot but I have to switch to a white when it’s hotter than 70 degrees.


All five of us left with various purchases from Peju, but every single one of us made sure to snag a bottle of Provence. Next time you’re in Napa, swing by Peju for a tour of the gorgeous grounds and a glass of their tasty blend!

IMG_0938  Drink up!

xoxo Blonde

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