The Perfect Harvest Activity List for Autumnal Vibes

September is here, so it’s now socially acceptable to get into your harvest season groove. Fall and harvest season are obviously much loved and much celebrated – from the #PSLs taking over your Instagram feed to the newly released fall candle scents.

People love harvest and fall.

Call it a 1/3 life crisis, a Saturn Return existential crisis, or whatever you will – but I’ve been on a journey of self discovery and have discovered I love seasonal living. I’ve explored how my Irish roots are actually rooted in Paganism – and let me tell you the Pagans knew what was up. They lived seasonally, eating only what they could get access to each time of year and appreciating all the different changes each season brings. My husband and I celebrated Lammas for the first time this year!

Now that harvest is around the corner I’m ready to celebrate an official reaping of what we’ve sowed this year. If you’re hoping to get into the harvest and fall spirit like I am, this harvest activity bucket list is for you.

Kick off harvest season and early fall with this bucket list of the best autumnal activities to get in the seasonal spirit.

All the best things to do to kick off harvest season.

Bring out your fall wardrobe.

It’s officially sweater season! I mean, almost. It’s actually still really warm where I live. But I’m typically open to enduring some sweat if it means I can channel my fall and harvest energy into a perfectly paired outfit.

I advocate for capsule wardrobe dressing, so seasonal closet swaps come fairly easy to me. I recommend combing through your closet to tuck away summer items you’ll be reaching for less often once the weather turns. Bring all your sweaters, jeans, and outerwear to the front – ready for action when needed and making styling outfits easier when the time comes.

Add some warmth to your home decor.

A fun aspect about harvest and early fall season is that decor can be subtle and impactful without being overtly Halloween. Don’t get me wrong – I love Halloween. But harvest decor is much gentler and low-key.

I love swapping out some of my cooler toned, season-less pillows for some warm toned fall specific styles. I also leave out cozy blankets and swap all candles for fall scents. We also have several vases filled with dried flowers and plants around the home – I love to swap our current dried plants out for more harvest style dried grasses.

Switch to cozy szn fall drinks.

I know you think I’m about to recommend you go pick up a PSL. I swear I’m not.

I mean – grab a PSL if you’re into that sort of thing. Who am I to stop you.

What I actually recommend is taking an inventory of all your harvest and fall adult beverages. As the weather turns I love to swap out my white wine and porch pounders for slightly deeper reds – and even some seasonal cocktails. We actually sort our wine by type to make things easy. The reds are well within reach as soon as the weather calls for a glass.

Go apple picking.

Apple picking is such a classic harvest activity. I mean – you’re literally harvesting.

If you’re California based, I highly recommend checking out Apple Hill. Apple Hill offers a wide range of U-Pick options for seasonal fruits and veggies, with apples being the seasonal star. My family and I are hoping to get a September apple picking date on the calendar shortly.

You can check out my friend Kara’s guide to Apple Hill to learn more! Kara has tons of resources on apple picking adventures (and travel in general).

Schedule your trip to the pumpkin patch.

Pumpkin picking may seem premature, but peak season technically starts mid-September so some patches do start to open up.

In recent years my husband and I have opted to plan out pumpkin picking trips at farms that grow more than just pumpkins. In years past, we’ve gotten to pick our pumpkins along with tasting local cheeses and digging up potatoes.

Kick off harvest season and early fall with this bucket list of the best autumnal activities to get in the seasonal spirit.

Check out a local corn maze.

Getting literally lost in a corn maze is basically the definition of harvest season. It’s a right of passage, honestly.

As pumpkin patches start to open, so do the corn mazes! Corn mazes are much more family friendly and approachable than Halloween’s classic haunted house attraction. So strap on your tracking devices and run free through the endless walls of corn – may the odds be ever in your favor.

Get your bake on.

With harvest season comes a whole new menu at our fingertips. It’s amazing to start to get your hands on seasonal produce and grains to bake beautiful, fall specific goods. From mouth watering apple pies to cinnamon on everything – I’m into it.

I absolutely love to bake bread during harvest season. The smell of a freshly baked loaf in the morning is honestly pretty hard to beat. If you’re going the sourdough route, baking does require some time tracking and is a bit of a labor of love – but I promise you the taste of homemade bread on a fall morning or with an evening meal is worth it.

Even beyond baked goods, harvest food in general is warm, inviting, and like no other. Try creating a Pinterest board filled with inspiration for your harvest menu (and your settings for a perfect harvest table).

Kick off harvest season and early fall with this bucket list of the best autumnal activities to get in the seasonal spirit.

Add some harvest and fall inspired books to your TBR.

Harvest time = cozy time. Early fall makes me think of the leaves just starting to turn, a warm drink, and an amazing book. I love to create TBR lists based on season to really get me in the mood for the weather changes ahead. Some of the books on my harvest and fall TBR are:

Little Women

There’s something about this classic that feels incredibly cozy to me. Also just try to tell me Laurie isn’t a dreamboat.

Charlotte’s Web

While this one may be classified as a children’s book, it makes for a cozy, comforting, familiar fall read. Plus, the barnyard setting feels very harvest appropriate.

The Secret History

Filled with mystery, murder, and a whole lot of drama, this dark academia favorite is one of my few 5 star reads of the year. I loved this book and it’s a perfect way to kick off fall season.

Whether it’s a trip to a harvest market, a visit to a harvest restaurant, or a little backyard harvest grill party – share your harvest activity bucket list items in the comments down below!

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