Everlane Summer Sale: Top Picks

I’m a huge Everlane fan and have written about the usual winter Everlane sale many times in the past.

But this year Everlane has dropped a surprise summer sale.

I’m very picky when it comes to doing sale roundups because, for the most part, I’m not a huge fan of recommending people go on large shopping sprees. Sale roundups largely go against my personal philosophy of capsule wardrobe style dressing and sustainable shopping. The Everlane sale is the one large sale a year I feature on the blog because Everlane focuses on capsule wardrobe style pieces, many are transparent and sustainable, and ring in at reasonable prices.

All the items featured in this Everlane sale top picks blog post are items I own myself (and therefore can actually recommend) or items I personally intend to buy in the sale.

Let the games begin.

Everlane sizing guide.

Many people hesitate to shop Everlane online because of their sizing. Everlane sizing does run large. I highly recommend you order one size down in most items. If an item is labeled as “oversized,” I recommend ordering two sizes down.

I personally find shoes are generally true to size.

My sizing, for your reference.

I am 4’11” and weigh approximately 139 pounds. In most clothing brands I wear sizes medium, 6, and 8. My standard Everlane sizes are:

  • Small in most tops.
  • Small in most layering pieces.
  • Extra small in anything labeled oversized. This is an example of an item I would order in XS instead of my usual S.
  • Size 28 or 29 in most denim (my most worn pairs are the Authentic Stretch line).
  • 2 or 4 in some numbered items of apparel (for example I wear a size 2 in this top and a size 4 in these bottoms).

My Everlane Sale top picks for Summer 2021.

Tops & Layers

The Cotton Box-Cut Tee

I love that Everlane included this basic tee in their summer sale. I own both the classic Cotton Box-Cut Tee as well as the pocket version in a whole host of neutral colors. This tee is a staple for any capsule wardrobe. It’s a great weight, a great shape (it is boxy), and pairs well with everything from jeans to slacks to skirts.

The Air Poet Tee

The Air Poet Tee is in my own personal cart this year. I’ve been eyeing this tee as an item to add to my capsule wardrobe, particularly for slightly more dressy events. Yes – a tee for “dressy” events. I imagine pairing this detailed top with black slacks/pants and heels for dinners with family, date night, etc.

The Henley Waffle Tee

I love my Henley Waffle Tee during the fall and winter seasons. This top pairs so well with denim and booties, giving a capsule wardrobe style fall and winter look. This top is fairly lightweight, so even though it is long sleeve and made of a waffle knit material, I never find myself overheating. This silhouette does run a tad bit boxy, so it could make sense to order a size or two down if you like a more fitted silhouette.

The Slim Classic French Terry Crew

I own this layering crew in two colors (white and black). This style makes for an amazing transitional layering piece. The Slim Classic French Terry Crew does, as the name say, run slightly slimmer than the average Everlane style. I’d still recommend sizing down one size to your usual sizing in other brands, but this one will be a closer fitting cut. This crew is not heavyweight, but rather light to medium in weight.

The ReNew Fleece Half-Zip

I own the ReNew Fleece Half-Zip in an oatmeal color. This is such a cozy, active layering piece that I love to wear when walking my dog in the morning. I believe I own an earlier version of this style that has a synched drawstring at the bottom – please note that the newer version does not have this drawstring. I consider this a plus – I was never really a fan of the synched in bottom.


The Track Jogger

I wear these joggers in the black and grey colors almost every single day working from home. I love these joggers. They’re thick, crazy comfortable, and don’t look lazy like pajamas. Unfortunately I think only specific colors are on sale during the Everlane sale, not the classic black or grey, but I love these joggers enough I’d recommend them in any color.

The Authentic Stretch Mid-Rise Skinny

The only denim I wear is Everlane Authentic Stretch. I own several pairs of the Mid-Rise Skinny in two different sizes as well as multiple washes. I personally don’t do well with denim that has no stretch, so love the perfect amount of give on the Authentic Stretch pairs.

everlane authentic stretch mid rise

Authentic Stretch High-Rise Skinny

The Authentic Stretch High-Rise Skinny is the other cut of the Authentic Stretch I wear frequently. Again, I own this style in 2-3 washes. I also admittedly love to crop these jeans myself. I literally just cut them to the length I want and stick them in the wash so the ends fray a bit. Because of my height, I often have to crop jeans to the lengths I like. Thankfully crop and frayed styles are trending right now.

everlane authentic stretch high rise skinny
everlane authentic stretch high rise skinny
everlane authentic stretch high rise skinny

The Easy Chino

The Easy Chino is one of my favorite pants to wear to work (when I head into the office, that is). I’m just really a big fan of any pant that feels like a pajama pant, but looks more polished. The Easy Chino has a very tailored, professional look – but an elastic waistband. This style does run slightly oversized and the waistband has plenty of stretch, so take this into account when ordering.

everlane easy chino

The Easy Skirt

I’ve got the Easy Skirt in my own cart for the Everlane sale. I’ve actually been very into wearing dresses casually lately and think having a good, basic skirt in my rotation would be an awesome addition. I plan to pair this skirt with some of my favorite tees and sneakers.


The Japanese GoWeave Slip Dress

I’ve definitely worn this slip dress as is on a date night or to an event, but honestly love wearing it most paired with a tee shirt and booties. The slip dress looks so chic paired underneath a rock and roll style tee. I usually wear it with my favorite Everlane boots.


The Denim Jacket

A denim jacket is a capsule wardrobe staple, perfect for lightly chilly weather. I have the Everlane Denim Jacket in black and was pumped to see they included it in the sale. This denim jacket is slightly oversized and baggy. They do make a more cropped, slim fit version of a denim jacket if that’s more your vibe. I’m personally into the oversized fit because it means I can layer it over thick sweaters.

The Oversized Double-Breasted Blazer

I’m going through a bit of a Dark Academia aesthetic phase, so have had a blazer on my wishlist recently. Again, I’m personally very into oversized outerwear because it allows me to layer. This oversized blazer gives me all the private school vibes and seems like a perfect addition to my fall and winter wardrobe.

The ReNew Anorak

I wear my ReNew Anorak mostly during the rainier months in San Francisco. California rain doesn’t get particularly cold, so the lightweight nature of this jacket is perfect for spring weather in CA. This jacket is very oversized

everlane renew anorak


The Day Heel

The Day Heel is one of my favorite Everlane shoes of all time. I own the Day Heel in two colors (a nude leather as well as a red suede). In fact, I got engaged in the red suede pair. Obviously didn’t plan the engaged part, but did plan the pop of a red shoe during a photoshoot part. Generally I’m not into heels because I prioritize comfort over everything when it comes to my shoes, but the Day Heel is pretty darn comfortable.

everlane day heel

The Day Loafer

Loafers in general are such a fun shoe to wear because they add polish to even super casual looks. I usually wear my Day Loafer with cropped jeans and a tee or sweatshirt. The Day Loafer is more casual than a more structured loafer. This shoe does have some stretch to it because of the elastic back. I didn’t personally find these tough to break in.

everlane day loafer
everlane day loafer
everlane day loafer

The Modern Loafer

I break out my Modern Loafers for slightly more formal occasions (think birthday dinners, work, etc). These loafers are more structured than their Day Loafer counterpart. The pointed toe also gives this shoe a more formal look. These loafers did take me a little time to break in. I also sometimes wear them with a sock liner.

everlane modern loafer

The Western Boot

The Everlane Western Boot is not only my favorite Everlane shoe – it’s hands down my favorite shoe I own. I currently own this boot in black and white and love it. I wear this pair of boots with everything from dresses to jeans. I plan to snag a tan colored pair in the sale because I love the two pairs I own so much. These boots do start out a bit tight, but loosen a little over time. I still recommend ordering TTS.

everlane western boot
everlane western boot
everlane western boot

The Wild Western Boot

I love the classic Western Boot so much that I’m super tempted to try out the taller version, the Wild Western Boot. I’m not sure this style will look quite as flattering on my short legs, but if you’re on the taller side this version of the Western Boot could be a great pick.

The Glove Boot

If a Western style boot isn’t your vibe, the Glove Boot might be another more classic option. I’ve got these sitting in my cart right now because honestly the only boots I own are the Western Boot. It seems like a good idea to stock up on a more classic, timeless boot style before the colder weather months.


The ReNew Traveler Tote

If you love the Longchamp Le Pliage, you’ll love the ReNew Traveler Tote. This bag is packable, just like the Le Pliage, and made of a similar nylon material. I actually took this bag with me to our Minimoon because it made the perfect poolside bag given that it’s water resistant and packable.

The Day Market Tote

I’ll admit up front that this isn’t my favorite tote bag. I actually owned it and sold it because I wasn’t getting the wear out of it. That said – it’s a classic tote that has plenty of great use. It’s actually a favorite of Meghan Markle. The only reason I wasn’t seeing the wear is because I have no less than six other similar tote bags. On discount – this bag is the perfect capsule wardrobe style tote to add to your collection.

everlane day market tote
everlane day market tote
everlane day market tote

The Lantern Bag

I’ve been a big fan of canvas totes lately, so have the Lantern Bag in my cart as another fun canvas bag silhouette. I don’t really own any other handbags in a similar shape, which would make this style feel very different and intentional.

What styles do you plan to shop in the Everlane sale? Tell me in the comments below!

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