My Everlane Sale 2020 Top Picks

It’s my favorite time of year – and no, I don’t mean the holiday season.

It’s Everlane sale 2020 season, baby.

Every year, right around Christmastime, Everlane launches their biggest sale of the year. This year select styles are marked down as much as 60% off. Which if you’ve ever shopped Everlane full price – that’s pretty bananas.

Here’s the thing to know about this sale: it moves quick. Items do sell out. Last year I was too slow and didn’t nab the cashmere sweat set before everyone else bought it all up. Major regrets.

So to make your life easier I’ve rounded up the best of the best from the Everlane sale 2020 so that you can quickly add to cart and not miss a single deal.

Details of the Everlane 2020 Sale


The Everlane 2020 sale starts on Christmas day, 9pm PST on 12/25.

The Everlane 2020 sale ends at midnight PST on 12/30.


60% off select styles from all categories.


There are a good chunk of tops on sale with this year’s discount!

I love this Clean Silk top – I actually have a similar silhouette in black! Everlane’s silk is perfectly soft and has a beautiful drape. I also love the sleeve detail on this style.

If you prefer silk with a cotton blend, I’ve been loving this lantern sleeve top. The sleeves are so romantic. Plus you get the luxury of silk, but with the practicality of cotton.

But if you’re in the mood to stock up on tops, it’s really Everlane’s range of t-shirts I recommend above all else. It’s so hard to find the perfect tee, but Everlane manages to create an endless supply of perfect tees. The Cotton Box Cut Tee is a staple of mine – I own it in no less than three colors. When I’m running a little warmer, I like the Oversized Air Tee because it’s a bit thinner than the Cotton Box Cut Tee. If you like a sportier cut, you can try out the Raglan Tee.

Sweaters & sweatshirts

My favorite category from Everlane by far are their sweaters and sweatshirts. Everlane makes insanely luxurious, comfortable, chic, classic sweaters.

And ya’ll my fave sweater Everlane makes is on sale in select colors! The Alpaca Crew is the bomb dot com. I actually wrote an entire blog post about it. The Alpaca sweaters are always super warm – I truly wear them as a layering piece vs on their own.

I also personally own this ReNew Plush Fleece. It’s so cozy to wear around the house…or if you just want to feel a little snuggly out and about.


The Everlane sale 2020 is the best time to buy outerwear from Everlane, given the substantial discount. I own the ReNew Windbreaker and the Anorak, both of which are awesome for wet or windy weather.

In my personal cart you’ll find the ReWool Overcoat and the Corduroy Chore Jacket. The ReWool Overcoat is such a classic shape, while the Corduroy Chore Jacket gives me like vintage 70’s vibes. Very Stranger Things.


I don’t know about ya’ll, but I haven’t worn real pants all year. It’s a 2020 thing.

However I do see my favorite jeans of all time are on sale in select colors – The Authentic Stretch Mid-rise. If you’re a real, tough denim fan you’ll hate these. But if you’re like me and love a stretch denim, these will rock your world.

I also love that Everlane has some stretchy waistband styles on sale as well, you know, just given the whole 2020 no pants thing. These GoWeave Easy Pants are stretchy, but classy. Not your average stretchy pant.


SO MANY of my fave shoes are on sale right now! I have a YouTube video about Everlane shoes you can watch, but the main thing to know is I love the Day Heels and am obsessed with all Everlane Boots. The Western Boots are a regular fave of mine.

Personally I’m eyeing adding the Glove Boot or the Boss Boot in ReKnit to my wardrobe.


There are a few Everlane bags on sale, but the only one I think worth the cash is the Micro Form Bag. I love the fact that this bag is both practical (with its crossbody strap) and classic (with it’s sleek shape).

All the best Everlane sale 2020 top picks

Tell me what you’re buying from the Everlane sale 2020 in the comments below!

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