Cuyana Makeup Bags

I'm very clearly addicted to makeup - which means believe me when I say I have tried and tested just about every style of makeup bag on the market.

For realz.

I've tried train cases (like the pros use), little cosmetic bags, brush rolls, you name it - I've tried it. I am SO picky when it comes to makeup bags and I know that sounds insane, but when makeup and beauty are a big part of your life (and you're a little OCD about cleanliness), having the right makeup bag can really make or break a trip.

I wanted to dedicate an entire post to my love of the Cuyana makeup bags specifically because they are THAT good. I'm definitely still a big fan of my Vera Bradley Blush & Brush case - but the Cuyana cases have a slightly different use and are also a little more "glam."

So let's break this down.




The Cuyana makeup bags are made with incredibly high quality and durable materials. The set comes with two bags, a larger and a smaller one, both made with Argentinian leather on the exterior and lined with a synthetic material for easy cleaning. I'm a big fan of the fabrics chosen here because the pebbled leather is scratch and scuff resistant (also easy to clean!) while the lining is incredibly easy to wipe dust and spills from.


One of my favorite parts of shopping Cuyana overall is the ability to personalize all my pieces. I love a good monogram - especially because I'm about to get married so I'm super into monogramming the shit out of everything with my future initials.


The Cuyana makeup bags have a timeless shape and style - no trendy prints or designs to be found here. This means that these bags will last a lifetime not just in quality, but also in longevity of style. Ever get embarrassed pulling out some heavily floral printed piece from your college days? Not a thing with these chic, streamlined designed cases.


A huge pro of the Cuyana makeup bags is the versatility - because the set comes with two pieces. I love that I can use both the small and the large cases when I travel, but also have the option to reach for either or. Sometimes I utilize my small case as an every day case in my handbags, while the large case sits on my vanity at home for every day use.


Ability to compartmentalize

I could really only think of one con of the Cuyana makeup bags and that was the lack of compartments. These bags are essentially just open spaces and don't have specific storage spots for specific items. For example, I really love makeup cases that have slots for my brushes. I'm a little OCD about keeping my makeup cases and brushes clean, so hate them floating around together in the same case. I really wish Cuyana would make a brush roll or a set of cases that's better suited to stash your items in neat little pockets.

Just my two cents.


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