New In Beauty: bkr Paris Water Balm

I've been a big fan of bkr for a looooong time. I saw their sleek glass water bottles both in magazines and on blogs years back and was immediately intrigued.

What was this chic water bottle that celebs were carrying to their pilates classes? And where could I get it?

My fam and boyfriend caught on quick and began gifting me bkrs left and right. You can even see me posing with one back when I first started blogging


So when I learned that bkr was launching something new in the beauty industry - I had to test it out. I was stoked to learn bkr is breaking into the beauty biz and even more excited when I found out what their first product is...


What is Paris Water Balm?

Paris Water Balm is the first product to launch in bkr's new clean beauty line: bkr Paris. The Paris Water Balm is an innovative glossy balm made with "clean" ingredients. The balm is made with a proprietary complex of rose, algae, and essential biolipids. It has a nice, light rose scent (not that overpowering kind of fake smelling rose).

How is Water Balm made?

I think it's important to talk about what "clean" means here. I actually had the total honor of sitting down with one of the founders of bkr and we talked all about what we think it means to be "clean." Clean doesn't always have to mean all natural - I'm totally a believer that science can be clean if it's rooted in natural ingredients and made safely. 

The Water Balm in particular is actually made with a blend of 16 natural plant actives, formulated in the EU which means it's under the strictest safety standards (the EU is notoriously more regulated than the US). Water Balm is REACH compliant and its production isn't harmful to humans, animals, or the earth.

That's clean.

What's up with this new bkr cap?

So you may have noticed, bkr launched a new cap to go along with the Water Balm. Basically bkr is giving us the option to either toss our balm into our bags OR attach it to our water bottles. Personally I think this idea is so clever. 

As someone who works full time, I'm typically carting my bottle to meetings but not my entire bag. This means I'm often left without something for my lips in a dry conference room. I've loved the convenience of having a balm and my water bottle all in one.

The cap is larger than your standard bkr cap so it does take a little adjustment, but it's not so bulky that it's a turn off. 

Does Water Balm work?

So the big question - does this balm actually hydrate? 

I've been testing out the Water Balm for about two weeks now and I've been pretty impressed. I have perpetually dry lips so wasn't expecting any miracles, but I'm loving the formula. It is a bit on the sticker side because it's super hydrating - so I recommend dipping your finger in lightly. A little goes a long way.

Most of all, I've been loving the innovative new cap. I've been taking my bottle with my Water Balm cap into meetings at work and it's been so convenient to have water and a lip balm all in one place. Some of my meetings can go up to two hours long, so hydration is kind of crucial.

All in all - I'm digging it. And I'm also genuinely excited to see what else bkr launches in this new line. Their aesthetic is so clean and beauty focused as is, this launch feels like a natural next step.


Are ya'll as excited about this new beauty launch as I am? Tell me in the comments below!

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