Weekly Bite #1

I told you guys over on Stories last week that I wanted to start a new weekly series here on the blog. I was totally inspired by Payton Sartain's "The Weekly" - I love how she shares her actual week day by day. She's a full time blogger and wellness/fitness guru so I love to follow along for blog and wellness tips and tricks. I'm definitely no wellness guru, but maybe there are bits of my week that other people would find helpful, interesting, or fun too!

You guys were super supportive - love you! You helped me choose a name for this lil' series. I got so many DMs with recommendations and I've decided on 


We actually all loved "Weekly Bagel Bite" but I'm pretty sure there's a copyright issue with that one. So here we are. 

Super stoked for my first weekly recap! Let's do this.


Not exactly the most riveting start to the week, but like, not bad for a Monday. 

I prepped a bunch of overnight oats for the week so snagged one of those on my way out the door. KB's parents brought us back a ton of beautiful berries from the farmer's market and I had tossed a handful into my oats. SO DELICIOUS. If you guys are looking for an easy, low maintenance breakfast I highly recommend overnight oats. 

We also got sit-stand desks at work. They installed them over the weekend so basically everyone was having a core meltdown as soon as they got into work (lots of crashing sounds and swearing as people raised or lowered the desks into cabinets and outlets - honestly hilarious). 

My The Truth About Botox post went live Monday so I spent a little time in the early AM doing my usual round of social amplification. I also got invited to participate in a campaign for the Oakland A's and officially confirmed all the deets for next week - more to come!

Ended the day with a little SoulCycle action. SoulCycle always kicks my ass, but in the best of ways. 


My big highlight of Tuesday came from the blogging front! If you're a blogger (or if you follow a lot of bloggers), you've probably heard of LikeToKnow.it. I wrote an entire post on LikeToKnow.it here, but basically it's an affiliate marketing company that provides bloggers with affiliate links. What that means is that when a follower clicks and buys through that link, the blogger makes a small commission (at no extra cost to the follower). 

Believer me - it's small.

But hey, diversifying income is important and every cent counts, right? At least that's the philosophy I've been taking. I've been stepping up the number of times I post LikeToKnow.it content on my Instagram because truthfully I've made no money using the app. Most of my blogging income is from sponsored posts and I really want to diversify more. 

I had my first sale on LikeToKnow.it on Tuesday! I made like $10 but whatever, progress is progress and I'm stoked! 

Make sure to follow me on the app


Alright, Wednesday was where things got SPICY.

Wednesday wasn't just the best day of my week. It was literally the best day of my life. Hands down. Okay, maybe I'm a little dramatic. BUT REALLY. 

I popped into one of our local thrift stores, Wasteland, on my way home from work. I was seriously just swinging by to look for a cheapey clutch to get for an event we have this weekend. I walked in and habitually glanced over to the right where they have their designer case set up. It's basically a big glass case where they store all the super nice items. And there it was. Smack in the middle of the center shelf...

A Céline Nano. Literally my dream designer handbag. Trust me, I'm honest with myself - I have a lot of "dream" designer bags. But if I really break it down, most of them are attainable dreams. Expensive - but doable. Like the Gucci Soho Disco, for example. That bag has been on my wishlist for well over a year. The Soho Disco costs around $1,200. That would make me barf to buy it new - but if I really wanted to, I could go do that today and could still afford to pay my rent. 

But a Céline Nano? That's the unattainable dream. It's the bag I never thought I could own because at full price it rings in around $2,900 USD and even pre-loved it's still in the $1,500 - $2,000 range. It's just not attainable.

But there it was. I couldn't believe it. And it was only priced at $500. 

Believe me, $500 is no small chunk of change for me. It's a huge deal actually. But after I did a quick search online and found pre-loved options here and here for a much higher price, I knew I couldn't leave it at the store.

I'm still in total shock and honestly shopping at consignment stores is sort of like that sometimes - it's all random good luck! So yeah. Best. Day. EVER.


Unfortunately not much to report on Thursday. I had a packed day at work and went home with a weird case of anxiety. I just wasn't feeling so hot and retreated home at the end of the day to blog and take a long hot shower. What can ya do. 

Whenever I'm extra stressed I like to unwind in a few ways - writing, pampering (face mask, bath bomb, etc), and reruns of The Office. Although weirdly on Thursday I swapped The Office for Planet Earth on Netflix. Don't ask me why, but for some reason watching sloths and giant lizards was incredibly soothing.


On Friday we kept it pretty casual. I had a full day at work and then we met up with some friends at one of our favorite sushi spots in SF. It's so tasty and actually reasonably priced. We hit the hay sort of early-ish (around 11) because Saturday plans were back to back.


Saturday started off with a SoulCycle ride! I hosted my first ever group ride. KB even came - it was his first time! He actually killed it. He did way better on his first time than I did on mine (lol). 

After that it was time to get READY. We committed to two different parties on Saturday night - an engagement party for some of our good friends and a 30th birthday party. The engagement party was gorgeous because the bride is totally a design and craft expert. The 30th birthday party was a riot - KB & friends are Russian so it was a big Eastern European affair at a Russian banquet hall. 

Too fun.

I was also super feeling my outfit and makeup. I linked the whole look over on LikeToKnow.it for you guys because I got tons of questions!


Tomi and I met up for a blog photoshoot in the early AM and then I spent the rest of the day blogging away. I have a couple sponsored posts coming up and also have my own editorial calendar to manage. On top of that I have big Pinterest plans - I'm working really hard to monetize my Pinterest so pin creation is a big 'ol task on my list in general right now.

Until next week!

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