REDEFINE: Testing Rodan + Fields

You've probably seen Rodan + Fields on your Facebook timeline. Heck, you probably have friends or family members actually posting about R+F because they're sellers.

That's how my fascination began.

As a beauty and skincare junkie I just had to know - is Rodan + Fields for real? I've always been skeptical of any sales pitches I see on my timeline, but was also simultaneously intrigued by all the before and after shots my Facebook friends were posting. 

So I set out to put them to the test - does Rodan + Fields actually work?

For the last two months I've been using the Rodan + Fields REDEFINE regimen. R+F makes several regimens (Redefine, Reverse, Unblemish, and Smooth). I latched onto the idea of testing REDEFINE specifically because the regimen is specified to treat lines, pores, and loss of firmness - all issues I've been battling. 

At age 26, the name of the game is prevention.

I don't have any miraculous before and after shots to show you. I think my knowledge is best shared by breaking down each product in the REDEFINE regimen and helping you answer the ultimate question - is Rodan + Fields worth it.

Step 1: REDEFINE Daily Cleansing Mask

I'll keep it real - I was initially so confused by the lack of a traditional cleanser in this regimen. Like, where's the face wash?! Also the idea of a daily mask was revolutionary. Most masks are meant to be used only a couple times a week - especially cleansing masks. 

But this mask is different. The REDEFINE Cleansing Mask is thin and light, dries quickly, and actually does cleanse the skin. The only thing I'll say is you really do need to remove your makeup prior to using this mask. If you try to use this mask as a makeup remover, you won't get the benefits of the ingredients soaking into your skin.

On the science side of things, this mask is kaolin clay-based and contains finely granulated exfoliators gently smooth the skin without disrupting skin’s delicate moisture barrier.

Step 2: REDEFINE Pore Minimizing Toner

The second step is a toner. I love that this toner is alcohol free. I hate when toners give me that tight feeling after use. This toner is gentle and smells amazing (sort of spa like).

The point of this toner is to exfoliate and tighten pores. Poly-hydroxy acids exfoliate pore-clogging dead skin cells while oligosaccharides help reduce the appearance of pores.

Step 3: Serum!

Serums are the bomb dot com. They seriously make such an impact - from extra hydration to wrinkle prevention.

I've been using two serums from the R+F line. I've been switching between the Active Hydration Serum and the REDEFINE Intensive Renewing Serum. The Hydration Serum is definitely hydrating - it can sometimes leave your skin feeling a little sticky because it packs so much of a punch so I recommend only using half a syringe each night. I use this serum 3-4 times a week because my skin is on the dry side. The Intensive Renewing Serum I like to use on my non Hydration Serum days as wrinkle prevention. This serum has Retinal-MD™ Technology, an ingredient that is 20 times the strength of Retinol - so it's legit when it comes to anti aging.

Step 4: REDEFINE am and pm creams

The REDEFINE regimen comes with two creams, one for AM and one for PM. I've been pretty awful at using the AM cream regularly, but I've been damn good about using my night cream. I love the smell of both of these (can you tell smell is a big factor for me?) and they're both the perfect thickness. The AM cream is a bit lighter for day while the PM cream is slightly heavier for extra nighttime hydration.

The AM cream also has SPF which is crucial for anti aging! The night cream has some of my fave ingredients including hyaluronic acid, glycerin, and antioxidants. 

My final thoughts...

Rodan + Fields is 100% legit. I was seriously so skeptical about a skincare line plastered all over my FB feed having good products, but I've been so pleasantly surprised. My skin is definitely brighter and plumper when I use R+F and I've loved learning more about their ingredients. This company is legit and they have the science and results to prove it.

You can order each product individually, or you can get the entire REDEFINE regimen in a set (which honestly is a way better value). 

Have you tried R+F? Tell me in the comments below!

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