All About Vitamins

So I’ve been a vvvv good human lately and taking my vitamins. I totally hadn’t popped a vitamin since my Flinstone gummy days, but I’m a total convert. I had been feeling crappy for weeks I finally decided to do some research and vitamins are my new jam.

Just to be clear – this post is 100% not sponsored. I’m actually just really vibe-ing on this whole vitamin situation and need to share it with you guys.

Continuing to keep it real – I def decided to try out Hum Nutrition vitamins for vanity reasons. I’m sure I could’ve just gone to any grocery store and picked up some standard vitamins, but I definitely got hooked on the Hum brand because…well shit the bottles look super cute. Like I’m not even going to sit here and pretend I wasn’t fully catfished by the whole Instagram-ability thing.

That being said – the vitamins are legit. And I’ve created my own little vitamin cocktail I take every day to combat vitamin deficiencies, fatigue, and stomach probs.

The BEST Hum Nutrition vitamins!

The BEST Hum Nutrition vitamins!

The BEST Hum Nutrition vitamins!

The BEST Hum Nutrition vitamins!

My Vitamin Cocktail

Vitamin D3

Basically if you work in an office all day erryday – you’re probably vitamin D deficient. Harvard’s School of Public Health actually did a study and released findings stating that about 1 billion people worldwide are vitamin D deficient.


Vitamin D promotes bone strength among other awesome health benefits. So here I am popping vitamin D to snag all the benefits of the sun without the skin damage.

The BEST Hum Nutrition vitamins!

Vitamin B12

B12 is a less common vitamin to take – but crazy important. Vitamin B12 is a mood booster! B12 benefits mood and energy.

Admittedly two things your girl needs some help with.

I’ve felt chronically fatigued for years at this point. I can’t totally pin point this to a B12 deficiency, but did learn something interesting in my investigations. Turns out my fam has a predisposition to B12 deficiency! Boom. The decision to add B12 to my vitamin cocktail was an easy choice.

Thanks Mom & Dad.

Natural sources of B12 in food comes primarily from animal products, so B12 deficiencies typically occur in vegetarians and vegans. That being said, it’s totally possible to be lacking in vitamin B12 even if you do eat meat (AKA my life story).

The BEST Hum Nutrition vitamins!

★ Multi Vitamin

Okay real talk guys, I only picked this up because it seemed like the responsible adult kind of vitamin to take. Multi vitamins are basically packed with a plethora of essential vitamins. Seemed like the best way to get a lot of good stuff alllll at one time.

The multi vitamin I take also includes iron (great for women pre-menopause). They offer an iron-free version for post-menopause as well!

But I can’t lie to you guys – this vitamin tastes like ass. Like I can taste it and it regularly makes me gag a little. But I’m down to deal with it for the health benefits.

The BEST Hum Nutrition vitamins!

★ Probiotic

My stomach hates me. It’s hated me for like mehhh four years now? Basically a handful of years back I was hanging out in the hospital hooked up to IVs of antibiotics thanks to a UTI gone really awry. My stomach flora was destroyed. And I’ve never been able to digest the same since then.

Sob story aside, I’ve never found a probiotic I could wrap my arms around. Most probiotics are crazy expensive and I just can’t get on board with that.

The BEST Hum Nutrition vitamins!

I feel like Hum is better known for their vitamins boasting stronger nails or a flatter tummy. I obviously went for the boring old people vitamins because I’m an old fart.

But whatever vitamins tickle your fancy – you can snag $10 off using the code “12E511.” This is totally not sponsored, I just have a code and like saving you guys a little moola.

You know how we do.

The BEST Hum Nutrition vitamins!

Have you ever tried vitamins? Tell me your feels in the comments below!

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