The Truth About Botox

Over the last few months I've looked in the mirror and seen one thing staring back at me - a light but definitely real long horizontal wrinkle.

My first ever significant wrinkle.

Okay, maybe what I consider "significant" is a little bit dramatic - but I saw that wrinkle every time I looked in a mirror and it stared right back at me. Even if no one else noticed it, I did. It made me feel old.

Believe me, I'm actually really into the idea of getting old. I don't have a fear of aging. I'm actually really excited to tackle some of the awesome things that come with age (getting married, starting a family, all that good stuff). That being said - I was not into the idea of this wrinkle and I wanted to prevent it from getting any worse.

Enter, my first time getting Botox.

I actually filmed my entire experience and had so many follow up questions from you guys, so decided to do a full post all about Botox to answer some common Qs.

My aging philosophy.

Botox might not be your jam. Hell, maybe you're not into any beauty procedures and you're morally against injections, fillers, and all of these hot topics of conversation. 

And that's totally okay.

You know what else is totally okay?

That some people want to get Botox and other injections.

My aging philosophy? Do you, booboo. What's right for me not be right for you and what's right for you might not be right for me. This is a judgement free zone!

I'm vvv pro injections and that may not be a popular opinion, but I'm here to educate, inform, and answer all the intimate questions surrounding some of these "taboo" procedures. 

And that includes Botox. So let's break it down.


What is botox?


Lolz. But really.

Long story short, Botox is a muscle relaxer. Botox temporarily paralyzes the muscles, strategically restricting movements.

Why get botox?

To understand why Botox is such a powerful anti-aging tool, we need to understand how wrinkles are formed.

Think of your skin like a sheet of paper. With every movement, little crinkles form on the surface. As movements increase (as the years go by), the crinkles in the paper become deeper and more severe. The earlier you stop that crinkling effect, the better!

Certain movements of our face, over time, cause wrinkles. This is why Botox is the ultimate anti-aging tool. Botox relaxes the muscles, reducing harsh movements, thus preventing wrinkles from forming. 

Already got wrinkles? Not a problem. By using Botox to restrict muscle movement, you allow your collagen a chance to build back up and fill in wrinkles that have already formed.

How is botox administered?

Botox is injected via a very fine needle.

DON'T FREAK OUT. Trust me, I have a huge fear of needles. Huge. The needles used to administer botox are nothing to freak out about.

I had my Botox done at SkinSpirit in San Francisco and they use a 33 gauge needle (even smaller than the 30 gauge that is standard!). The smaller the needle, the smaller the prick. 

Is botox painful?

Let me reiterate to you that I am a total wimp.

And Botox was by far the most pleasant beauty procedure I've ever had done. Microblading was no walk in the park. Even getting eyelash extensions gives me sensitive eyes and serious vertigo. Botox was a total dream. It was nearly painless.

I attribute by nearly pain-free experience to two things. First - the staff at SkinSpirit are PROS. Seriously. If you're in San Francisco I highly recommend you go to SkinSpirit (tell them B&B sent you and you'll get 15% off your service, too). Secondly - I got my Botox in my forehead. The forehead isn't exactly known for being ultra sensitive (like say the lips). 

Anywhoosen - my experience rocked. Will do again.


How much does Botox cost?

Pricing of Botox can vary a great deal. I've heard of prices as low as $9 and as high as $18. There are plenty of factors at play in pricing here, but I recommend keeping a few things in mind when selecting where to go.

Avoid Groupon deals.

Now is not the time to go hunting for a deal. It just isn't. You're about to have a highly potent chemical injected into your face. Avoid avoid avoid the Groupon at all costs.

Read all the reviews.

Do your research! Yelp is a total godsend when it comes to scoping out facilities for beauty procedures - it's how I found SkinSpirit. I saw they had stellar reviews online which gave me all the confidence in the world that I'd come out looking aces.

Ask about pricing structure - pay per unit only.

My RN at SkinSpirit, Lauren, highly recommends asking about pricing structure. She says it makes the most sense to pay per unit - not by area of the face. Be wary if you're told "we charge $X for the forehead."

Only get Botox from an experience injector.

Injection is an art and we only want to work with Leonardo da Vinci. Ya feel? Lauren is my da Vinci. Only get Botox with someone who is incredibly experienced.

How long does Botox last?

Botox typically lasts around 3-4 months and needs to be maintained in order to maintain results. Aging gracefully takes commitment! 


If you're located in the San Francisco Bay Area or Washington, check out SkinSpirit! They not only do Botox but a whole host of other procedures. If you tell them Blondes & Bagels referred you, you'll get 15% off your service. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions about my experience.

Watch my first time getting Botox on my YouTube channel!

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