3 Reasons to Wear Feminine Pins

I’m way behind on this trend – but pins are everywhere.

There’s a plethora of pins on the market, but when I really set out to shop I struggled to find one thing: pins that were feminine. I’m definitely not a girly girl (my wardrobe is 90% black) but I’m obsessed with contrasting my all black everything with feminine accessories. I needed to find my perfect feminine pins and I totally lost my mind when I found these little gems from Red Bandana Pins.

red bandana pins

Express yourself!

I think what I love most about pins as accessories is the ability to express yourself! You can seriously rock a pin for every hobby you have. Into music? You can totally find a treble clef pin. Obsessed with your cat? Kitty pins galore! Or maybe you like to cook like I do – this chef’s knife pin is seriously rocking my world.

I’ve also found some really unique places to stick my pins. KB and I did this photoshoot during a muggy summer day in Chicago and it was way too damn hot for a jacket. I skipped pins on my lapel and opted to decorate my favorite handbag instead.

Nailed it.

red bandana pins

red bandana pins

Send a message.

On top of screaming your hobbies to the world, pins also allow you to send a more direct message. I kind of couldn’t resist this Girl Boss pin because, hey, I’ll give myself some credit working a full time job and managing to pump out blog posts once or twice a week.

Also can we stop and take a moment to appreciate this ode to the Queen Bey herself. Seriously dying. Either you get it or you don’t. But I have a feeling you get the reference. All hail the cheekiness that is Red Bandana Pins.

red bandana pins

red bandana pins

red bandana pins

Remind yourself you rock.

I’m kind of in love with Red Bandana Pins’ “Girl Boss” collection. My favsies Girl Boss pin definitely screams to the world that I’m a #GirlBoss – but it’s also a great reminder for myself.

Right before we left for Chicago I caught a cold. I flew to meet KB in Chi City by myself and the dry air on the plane made my already blossoming sickness that much worse. By the time I landed I couldn’t breathe through my nose and was miserably achy.

There were so many things in Chicago we wanted to see and I had tons of photoshoots I wanted to do, but my cold had me feeling exhausted. It was seriously so awesome to look down and see a little reminder that I could push through the day, rock a photoshoot, and get sh*t done even while I was sick. Because hey, that’s what us #GirlBosses have to do.

red bandana pins

I’m definitely not a trend follower (I’m more into the classic, the timeless), but I’m into this pin thang. Red Bandana Pins are 100% a new wardrobe staple for me. Accessorize in one easy step? Done. Take my all black outfits up a notch? Sold.

Have you rocked the pin trend yet? What pins are your favorite? Tell me in the comments below!


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9 responses to “3 Reasons to Wear Feminine Pins”

  1. Scientific Beauty says:

    I love pins and these ones are awesome! Definitely a great way to really personalise an outfit!
    Sophie x

    • Blondes & Bagels says:

      Thanks for commenting, Sophie! 🙂 And totally agree – I love that they make it super easy to personalize an outfit. Especially when all your outfits are all black. 😉
      xoxo Kelsey

  2. So cute! I’ve never seen pins like these – but I LOVE them!


    • Blondes & Bagels says:

      They’re unique! I love that they’re girly 🙂 do you have pins that are your current favsies?
      xoxo Kelsey

  3. Bernice Abuan says:

    I adore these pins! I’ve always wanted to wear some, and I need the ones you’re wearing haha


    • Blondes & Bagels says:

      They’re so fun, right! I’m on the hunt for the perfect jean jacket to pin them to.
      xoxo Kelsey

  4. I love your bad-ass pin. Why not remind yourself you rock every once in a while?


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