5 Simple Steps to Create the Perfect Gallery Wall

Ever since we moved in together, KB and I (okay – just me) have been slowly redecorating. Our bedroom was looking like it could use a liiiiittle face lift.

My solution? Decorate that big blank wall! We’re renting an apartment in San Francisco so don’t hate on this paint color – mint green totally wasn’t my choice. The wall behind our bed definitely was in need of some TLC and a gallery wall was just the lovin it needed.

gallery wall

Pick your prints.

Besides seeing your gallery wall completed – this is totally the most fun part of the process! Picking out prints is a blast. This is the time to get creative and pick art that inspires you!

I like to choose themes when I build gallery walls. The theme can be loose, but this means all my pictures will be connected in some way and feel cohesive. On that same note, I’ll often try and find pieces that were done in the same style or hand.

gallery wall

gallery wall

KB and I are seriously obsessed with travel so I decided to go for a travel theme almost exclusively using prints from Rifle Paper Co (c/o). This meant our wall would have one cohesive theme and hand because they are all by the same artist – Anna Bond. Rifle has sooooo many travel prints. It was super hard to choose just a handful. I have no doubt our gallery wall will grow because I’m totally into the idea of buying a new print for each new place we visit!

I’ve included some of my favorite prints from Rifle below – including some of the ones I have on my gallery wall. They’re my go to shop for stationary and all things pretty.

I’m obsessed.

Map out your wall.

Prints in hand, start to noodle exactly how you want your gallery wall to be organized. I suggest sketching out your layout first before making any actual moves. Work from the largest piece(s) to the smallest, and from the center outwards. This will help you to create a focal point and showcase your biggest pieces.

Have a trial run.

We’re almost to the part where you hang, I swear.

Before actually taking hammer and nail to your walls, use your sketch to lay out your prints on the floor first. This will serve as a trial run and allow you to make any last minute changes. This is also your moment to make sure you have the frames you want.

Gallery walls are awesome because they don’t necessarily have to be uniform – different shapes, sizes, and colors totally can work. But you def want to take a moment to make sure your frames feel cohesive. I went with a black, silver, and rustic feel with my frames. Woods and metals in these shades tie each print to the next.

gallery wall

Create a level line.

I’m not a perfectionist (and neither is KB). We cheat where we can. Our nifty trick for hanging a gallery wall? Create a level line using some string!

gallery wall

Take a level, a piece of string, and some removable tape or thumb tacks. Use the level as a guide and then tape or tack a piece of string at that same level. This will allow you to eyeball if you’re hanging each piece straight as you go along without having to break out your level each time you hang!

Start hanging!

KB and I have used a mix of hanging materials in the past. Some of our art is hung using nails and some use Command Strips. Because we live in a rented apartment we usually stick with Command Strips. I have to give a shout out to some friends here who totally turned me onto these. Command Strips make hanging pictures so easy and they hold up to like 16 pounds. Boom. Done.

gallery wall

I used two pairs of Command Strips on each print. I got mine from a local hardware store and they cost about $5 a pack. My entire gallery wall only used up 3 packs – a grand total of $15 for all the hanging. Not bad!

My cute new little kitty even wanted to help.

gallery wall

Step back & enjoy.

Nailed it (literally). Make sure to step back every once in a while and actually enjoy your awesome gallery wall.

gallery wall

gallery wall

gallery wall

I’m not gonna lie – I’m pretty proud of our snazzy new gallery wall. Now we get to look up at each print and remember the memories we’ve had in those cities! Also this gallery wall was so easy even I could do it.

And you can too!

What are your favorite types of art prints? Do you have a gallery wall? Tell me below!


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    Great tips! I never realized the Command Strips could hold up to 16 lbs!

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