Rent the Runway for Brides

Hello earthlings!

Let me just mention it for the one millionth time but OH EM GEE I'm engaged.

And it's been a total whirlwind.

I'm so looking forward to marriage and my big day marrying my best friend. But also I'm VERY excited about this opportunity to wear so many bridal outfits.

All white errythang.

But I also hate spending money. Quite the conundrum, can't you see? I tried out the world's fave clothing rental service, Rent the Runway, UNLIMITED for a month to save myself some major bridal outfit cash.

January/early February is a packed wedding month for us. Between dress shopping, our engagement party, and my bridesmaids night - the all white outfits have been top of mind.

I know there are so many other brides out there taking a look at Rent the Runway, so I wanted to do a full break down on the service and why I think it's perfect for brides.

Let's do it.


What is Rent the Runway?

The long story short here is that Rent the Runway is a designer clothing rental service. You create an account, select items you want to order, select your sizes, and select your rental time period. Your clothes arrive on your doorstep mere days later and you send them back (with a pre-paid shipping label) at around a week's time.

Rent the Runway saves you money because you can rent typically expensive clothes for special events (...or every day...) and don't have to commit to buying.

How much does Rent the Runway cost?

The cost of Rent the Runway depends on what item you're renting - or your rental plan.

You can definitely rent single items, but my recommendation would be to go the plan route, even if you're only planning to rent for a single event! The cost difference between a single item and a monthly plan can end up being really similar. You can always activate a plan for a month and pause if you don't need it the next.

"RTR Update" allows you to rent 4 items per month for $89/month ($69 trial month) while "RTR Unlimited" allows you to rent unlimited (!!!) items per month for $159/month ($99 trial month).


Why Rent the Runway is PERFECT for brides.

There are so many reasons why RTR is amaaaazing for brides. Like, actually amazing.

Let's get real...who the F owns enough white outfits for all the bridal events? Definitely not me. Which means I was about to blow loads of money on all white dresses and jumpsuits I probably wouldn't touch again after this year.

I played around with RTR Unlimited for the month of January and became instantly obsessed with all the bridal options available (like the little white dress in these photos). RTR even has an entire Weddings section of their website with clothing rental options for wedding guests, brides, mother of the brides, and bridesmaids. It's bananas. 

I also like that I haven't been clogging up my clothing rack with outfits for all these events (engagement party, dress shopping, bridal shower, UGH so many). I wear my RTR bridal look once, toss it back in the pre-paid return bag, send it on back, and pick my next piece for yet another pre-wedding party.

Definitely not complaining about the parties, but I'm really digging a cleaner closet.

To go Unlimited, or not to go Unlimited? That is the question.

I definitely think signing up for a RTR plan for the month of your event makes the most sense, but the big question is to go Unlimited or not to go Unlimited.

Honestly? Go Unlimited. Yes, Unlimited costs a fair chunk of change. But if you've got the Unlimited access at your fingertips, trust me you'll use it.

I think I ended up renting a total of like 10 items in January. That's more than twice the amount the next plan allows for. I didn't even just stick to bridal items - I was renting shirts for work, date night outfits, you name it.

If you like it - buy it.

My FAVE FAVE FAVE thing ever about RTR is the ability to buy rented items at a discount. 

This little white dress? I freaking bought it. I'm not a dress girl and it's so tough to find dresses that fit me just right. When I slipped this bad boy on I wanted it to be mine so badly. I hated the idea that I had to send it back.

I checked my account and BOOM saw that RTR gives members (especially Unlimited members) massive discounts on items if you wish to purchase them. I was able to snag this dress - originally $450 - for $100. 


So yeah - I'm addicted.


I shot a message over to the folks at Rent the Runway to kindly ask for a Rent the Runway promo code for ya'll! I don't get any commission if you sign up - I just like saving you money. 🙂

You can use the code KELSEYOBPERK40 to get 40% off your first month of Rent the Runway Unlimited.

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