My Sephora Sale 2020 Top Picks

YET ANOTHER SEPHORA SALE. I swear it feels like they’re happening more and more frequently – but I’m not complaining. Instead I’m mapping out my purchases for the Sephora Sale 2020.

I’m taking a very different strategy during this Sephora sale. Typically I like to use my 20% discount to try things I’ve been wanting to try, order that expensive eyeshadow palette I’ve been eyeing, etc.

This year is different. We’re in the middle of a pandemic that has caused a recession. It doesn’t make sense to shop frivolous eyeshadow palettes (for me) – and for some people it may not make sense to shop this year’s Sephora sale at all. But it could be a good time to stock up on items you use regularly, plan to keep purchasing, and want to snag a discount on. That’s my strategy – buy the shit I use regularly for a solid price. Which basically means my list is 100% skincare because I just tend to find it a little more essential than makeup right now. Let’s be honest, I haven’t worn makeup since quarantine started.

So let’s dig into my top Sephora sale 2020 picks.

PS. You can find all the details of the sale including the dates you can shop and your discount on this handy reference page!

Lifestyle blogger Kelsey from Blondes & Bagels dishes out the best Sephora Sale 2020 top picks to buy in this year's Sephora sale!

My top Sephora Sale 2020 buys.


I’m a huge advocate of the double cleanse method (read more about that here). I always start my routine with a cleansing balm and while the Elemis balm is my favorite – the Farmacy Green Clean balm is a close second. It gets the job done at a way more reasonable price point. I also like to follow up my cleansing balm with a milky cleanser, specifically because I have dry skin. Milk cleansers are incredibly hydrating – this one from Caudalie is a solid choice and with a discount isn’t badly priced. As for wipes, I’m really not usually a fan (they’re super wasteful), but if I’m in a pinch these ones are my pick as they really cut through makeup and oils.


Honestly – I think most moisturizers Sephora carries are overpriced. I think moisturizers as a category overpromise and are overpriced. The drugstore is packed with amazing moisturizers (like my favorite Olay red jars).

That being said – there are two moisturizers at Sephora I buy occasionally and do enjoy. On the more expensive side, I think this moisturizer from Fresh is amazing. It’s light, but deeply hydrates. It’s also a very spa like experience with the rose scent. This Origins moisturizer is my less expensive back up – it’s much more geared for day time as it is formulated like a light gel.

Masks & other stuff

Sephora sells some of my favorite hydrating masks including the Laneige sleeping mask (and their lip mask) as well as the Summer Fridays mask (this one is overpriced for the ingredients and results, but I love the texture and smell so on sale I can justify it).

The priciest but most “worth it” item at Sephora for me is always the Dr. Dennis Gross peel pads (I use Extra Strength). These pads are insanely pricey but are hands down the best chemical at home mini peel sold at Sephora (the Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel, not sold at Sephora, is my #1 pick). I always pick up a box when the Sephora sale rolls around because the savings make a big difference.

Hair & body

I don’t use a ton of body care items (especially not at Sephora prices), but do love this wash so much. The smell is out of this world delicious and it’s incredibly hydrating. I also love to follow up with Kopari’s classic coconut oil melt (another overpriced item considering it’s just coconut oil, but let’s just pretend together I’m not self aware).

I don’t use a ton of product in my hair (just this surf spray for added texture to my curls or waves), but I have needed extra hair care products during quarantine. My dry scalp has gone out of control (not sure if it’s the weather, stress, or WHAT) and this kit has been a life saver. It’s expensive, but all the items are full size (my main tip for this kit is follow up the conditioner with a “regular” conditioner” as theirs is meant to hydrate your ROOTS not the ends of your hair). I have also been using this color depositing mask to keep my rose gold color as fresh as possible (which is tricky with salons closed). I do enjoy this dry shampoo, but please note this one is much cheaper and sold at Target (and I like it more!). I also do like this mask for hydrating dry hair.

What are your top Sephora Sale 2020 picks? Share in the comments below!

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Lifestyle blogger Kelsey from Blondes & Bagels dishes out the best Sephora Sale 2020 top picks to buy in this year's Sephora sale!
Lifestyle blogger Kelsey from Blondes & Bagels dishes out the best Sephora Sale 2020 top picks to buy in this year's Sephora sale!

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