My Bridal Wish List

If you couldn't tell by my five thousand blog posts and Instagram posts - I'M A BRIDE.


I'm so obnoxious. But let's roll with it.

Because I'm in full bridal mode, I've definitely had my eyes on some bridal items that have made it on to a little wish list of mine. I know a good chunk of my Bagel Babes are also brides (or might be in the near future!) so wanted to document all the cute shit I'm digging right now.

My wishlist

Monogrammed anything

When this whole wedding shindig is said and done, KB and I will actually share the same initials! Which naturally means I want to monogram the shit out of everything.

I would love to get some monogram pillow cases and home decor, but really have my eye (selfishly) on these makeup bags. I'm hoping to snag myself a set and monogram "KB" on them to use the morning of the wedding. Imagine how cute the photos will be doing my own makeup out of my monogram makeup  bags!

Pajama party

I've always found the tradition of gifting lingerie during a bridal shower super weird. Is it just me? I'm kind of meh on the lingerie front, but I'm alllll about a good set of pjs. And I feel like I rarely splurge on myself to buy nice pjs.

I'm dying over this cute Kate Spade set that comes with an eye mask. They also have a matching robe! There are a couple other cute pairs I'm liking, but I definitely want to pick this set up before the big day. I think it'd be so cute to wear the night of!

Bridal keepsakes

Getting married has made me stupid nostalgic and emotional. Honestly. I want to remember every little detail and I tend to default to keepsake trinkets to do so.

I'm loving this picture frame and cannot wait to have a beautiful wedding photo to put inside of it! As soon as I do, I need to add to cart. I'm also a big ring dish fan (I have them all over now!) because I take my ring off a lot. I know that's bad - but it is what it is, people. This ring dish is also on my wishlist!

Also - I need a garter. I know you can get basic garters all over the place, but I love that this one has a keepsake box and includes a toss garter.


Getting married is a good excuse to indulge in your fave vino, right? Lolz I kind of want to finally become a member of my favorite winery.

If you see any cute bridal shiz that I CLEARLY need (lol) tell me in the comments!

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