My Sephora Sale Spring Picks

The Sephora Sale is BACK.

Sephora has two sales a year (usually) and right now it has begun. Lolz one of my fave times of year.

Anywhoosen, here are the details YOU need to know:

★ VIB Rouge members receive 20% off starting today (April 26) through May 6th both online (use the code HEYROUGE) and in stores

★ VIB members receive 15% off from May 2nd through May 6th online (use code HEYVIB) and in stores

★ Insiders can also shop May 2nd through May 6th with a 10% discount online (use code HEYINSIDER) and in stores

Sephora has a LOT of items, so to help you shop easier, I've highlighted my best of the best picks below.


Makeup remover

I did an entire post about my love of cleansing balms, but one that you can snag at a discount during this sale is the Farmacy Green Clean. This gets all your makeup off gently.

Face wash

Most of the face washes I love are not sold at Sephora, but this one is and it's in my favorites list! Smells amazing and gives my skin a fresh, spa like feeling.


My fave moisturizer at Sephora is this one by Fresh. It smells like roses (but in a not over done sort of way) and gives rich hydration.


I'm honestly unconvinced eye creams do anything, but I do like this eye serum by my main man, Dr. Dennis.


Masks are my everything! I love this hydrating mask when I need to combat dry skin and this mask for when I have zits galore.

Other stuff

I have a bunch of other skincare faves that don't really fall into the categories above. I use these peel pads a couple times a week to improve cell turnover. I also love this hydrating toner, this lip balm, this all over body moisturizer, this lip scrub, and this sunscreen refresh mist.

Face Makeup


You'll notice I have zero foundation recommendations on here. That's because I'm a tinted moisturizer addict and the one I love isn't sold at Sephora. 🙁 BUT, I do love this concealer a ton! I also love this face powder.

Blush & bronzer

There are two blushes at Sephora I think are truly worth the dolla dolla billz. Super Orgasm by NARS has been my go to blush for years. I've also been loving this peachy golden blush by Benefit. It looks so natural! When it comes to bronzers, this one and this one are the two holy grail items I repurchase over and over.


I'm DYING over this highlighter! I love that it has two options inside and let me tell you - it's bright!

Eye Makeup


Eyeshadow palettes can be expensive, so honestly snagging them at a discount is the way to go. I've got four from Sephora I highly recommend. My favorite neutral palette of all time is this one by Tarte, followed closely by this one and this one. When it comes to a palette with a slightly more colorful variety, this one takes the win.

Everything else

I cannot do any eye looks without this primer. It helps my shadow stay on all day! I'm also loving this cream shadow, this mascara, this eyeliner, and this brow gel.

Lip Products

I have a ton of lip products, but really would only recommend a select few. The "lip" category of makeup is honestly just really saturated and most products are mediocre. I do love this lip balm and this lipstick. I also like the NARS lipstick too, but specifically in the color "Roman Holiday." I'm also a huge fan of two different glosses - the Fenty gloss and Buxom. I rarely wear a lip liner, but if I do, I like this one in "Pillow Talk" from Charlotte Tilbury.

Hair Products

I'm pretty simple with my hair routine, but will definitely be restocking on a few key styling items from Sephora while I get this jazzy discount! This is my favorite detangler/heat protecter, this is my fave dry shampoo, and this is my fave salt spray (to get that perfect beachy wave look).

Tell me what you're planning to buy in the comments below!