My Summer Beauty Handbag Essentials

Okay so technically the first day of summer doesn’t happen until the end of June, but I have warm weather fever after all the nasty weather we’ve been having in San Francisco lately. So dream on with me.

If I had to narrow down my main life obsessions, beauty and handbags definitely rank out as numbers one and two. I’m an addict. I’m obsessed with all things beauty and I’m definitely a bag lady. BIG TIME.

I’m also obsessed with watching “what’s in my bag” videos on YouTube (anyone else love those, too?) and wanted to do my own blog version of this series specifically about my SUMMER handbag and all the beauty essentials I keep inside.

So let’s dive right on in.



My number one summer handbag essential is sunscreen. NUMERO UNO, you guys. Please do not leave the house without sunscreen in your handbag - I sure don’t.

I’ve written about my obsessed with the Olay Sun Face Sunscreen + Shine Control with SPF 35 recently and the obsession is still going strong. This is my fave sunscreen to keep in my bag because it’s literally designed to give you sun protection on the go. The bottle is small (slides into even my tiniest handbags!), the sunscreen itself absorbs quickly and has a barely there feel. It’s also oil free so that means it’s a NO ZIT SUNSCREEN. Praise the skincare LORDS, ya’ll because I am super acne prone and can’t handle a sunscreen that gives me breakouts.

All in all, I just love that this sunscreen is lightweight, but protective. I always keep a bottle in my bag - not just during summertime, but all year round. SPF is crazy important!


Lip balm

I have dry lips all year and they only get drier in the summer months. I’ll be honest, I don’t just keep one lip balm in my bag, I keep like five (lol). I can’t help it. I need at least five balm options so I can pull them out and stick them in my pockets as I’m in meetings or leave them on my desk so they’re within easy reach. Lip balm mania.

Non damaging hair ties

I really need some of you babes to validate me here - does anyone else hate having hair in their face? I cannot stand hair in my face. I think that’s why I’ve been loving the headband trend lately!

I always keep some non damaging hair ties in my bag to quickly pull my hair back if I need to concentrate or if it’s just HOT and I need my sweaty hair out of my way.

Hand cream

Can you tell I have dry skin yet? LOLZ. I have the driest skin of all time, so also love to keep a hand cream in my bag. I usually try to opt for ones that don’t have a heavy scent, but I actually have been digging more earthy scents lately (think eucalyptus).


What are your summer beauty essentials? Tell me in the comments below!

A huge thank you to my Olay family for sponsoring this post and another thank you to my #BagelBabes for checking out the brands that make Blondes & Bagels possible!