My Capsule Wardrobe Nordstrom Sale Picks

Nordstrom is doing their Half Yearly Sale through June 2!

I'll be honest - I always have a bit of an ethical dilemma when sales like this arise. Don't get me wrong, I love to shop. I don't discourage a good shopping spree. But what I cannot stand is promoting waste. Fashion is a major contributor to our environmental issues. Textiles make up a huge percentage of our landfills. Unfortunately a lot of people shop with a very "trendy" mindset, meaning purchasing something with the intent to shop for the trend or the season vs shopping for the long haul. This is why people so casually toss $6 tees and $12 shorts into the trash without a second thought. Who cares? It didn't cost you that much to buy anyway.

I care. I care a shit ton to be honest.

So here's the jam - I'm doing this post because I think shopping is a THING (and I like it) and I also like to save money. BUT - I'm only picking pieces that will help you build out your long term capsule wardrobe and are not trendy. The pieces I have picked out for you below will never go out of style, are classic and timeless, and some of the brands are even sustainable (some - not all).

I also tossed in a few beauty items I saw on sale (like a makeup bag and an eyeshadow palette I love). There were very few beauty steals to be found, so there's only a few I think are really worth your cash.

So that's it. That's my big ol' disclaimer.


Shop my NON TRENDY Nordstrom Sale Picks!

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