Yoga for Better Sleep

I’ll start this post off with a disclaimer that I am not a “yogi.” I want to be a yogi. I wish I could be a yogi. Unfortunately I get raging vertigo every time I try and do a downward dog so my love affair with yoga last year came to a swift end. While I am not able to do a vinyasa or a hatha class, I do try to pop into my local yoga studio for some restorative sessions every so often and really enjoy the sense of peace yoga can bring. Restorative yoga in the evening can help to relax both the mind and body – who knew there was yoga for better sleep?!

Step one of yoga for better sleep is to create a relaxing environment. I like to grab a candle, a large pillow, and my Magic Carpet Yoga Mat. I own a beautiful Soutwestern inspired mat and love the design so much – I feel totally at peace on my mat!

magic carpet yoga mat

Magic Carpet Yoga Mats are designed in Oakland, California – right across the bridge from my home base of San Francisco! Founder, Sophie Leininger, translated her love of rugs and rug design into a full-fledged creative business printing her designs onto yoga mats. The result is nothing short of stunning. Imagine the most beautiful rugs you’ve ever seen – now imagine you can practice yoga on them. I fell totally in love with the idea of being able to practice on a brightly colored, unique mat as opposed to my boring purple mat from Target – I’m straight up in love with my Magic Carpet.

The only unfortunate feature of these bad boys is that they don’t have a great grip right off the bat. When your vinyasa class really starts to heat up and the sweat runs down your arms, you will likely find yourself slipping a bit. Magic Carpets do need a little breaking in, but this isn’t going to be a problem for you #BagelBabes because we’re about to get our yoga for better sleep on! Check out my favorite poses below!

magic carpet yoga mat

Cat Cow

This has got to be my favorite yoga pose – I even do this one in the mornings while I’m still in bed! Cat Cow is the repetitive arching and hunching of your back that creates a beautiful stretch along the spine. My office job hasn’t been too kind on my lower back which is why I love kicking off my mornings with a round of Cat Cow – I just slip out of the covers and do some stretching right there on my bed!

Legs Up the Wall

While this may seem like an odd one, Legs Up the Wall allows your your tired legs to get a moment of rest from a long day at work! Simply scoot yourself up towards a wall (prop your tushie up on a pillow if need be) and work your legs up the wall.

magic carpet yoga mat

Child’s Pose

Right after a good few minutes of Cat Cow, I like to ease into a Child’s Pose. This is the yoga pose every cat is born knowing how to do – you know you’ve totally seen your cat stretch out in this pose! Child’s Pose allows you to stretch out any kinks and also just relax. Sit in Child’s Pose for a few moments to unwind.

magic carpet yoga mat

Spinal Twist

Unwind that tension with a good spinal twist! You may or may not have done this one in gym class growing up – while laying on your back just pull your knees together and drop them to one side, allowing your head to fall to the opposite direction.

Savasana (Corpse Pose)

My favorite pose ever! Because basically it means you just lay there. Savasana or “Corpse Pose” is the act of laying on your mat, palms up or potentially hand over your stomach/heart, and focusing on the breath. This pose is so relaxing I’ve fallen asleep at the end of yoga classes doing it – perfect for a round of yoga for better sleep! I’m just here for the savasana.

magic carpet yoga mat


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What’s your favorite yoga pose?

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