Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner – can you believe it’s already February?! While it’s usually the men spoiling their ladies on February 14th, why not show the boys a little love too? No one man is the same, so it’s best to tailor your gift to your boy toy’s interests. I’ve got an athlete on my hands (who screams at the tv during every sports game even if it isn’t “his team”), but rather than put together an athletes-only guide I broadened my search. Whether your man is a world traveler or a savvy businessman, there’s a perfect valentine’s gift for him!

The Adventurer

If you and your man are world travelers (KB and I are missing Italy a ton lately) this one’s for you! Every man loves a little adventure – feed his appetite with these gifts that will inspire travel!

The Dapper Dude

If your man is a true gentleman (and maybe a New England prep) he’ll love these dapper gifts. Anything leather, sherpa, classic, and potentially plaid will do just fine.

The “Bad” Boy

James Dean, Ian Somerhalder, sigh. We all love the bad boys. If your boy has a little bit of edge to him (and loves the color black as much as I do) he’ll be all over these presents.

The All Star Athlete

KB falls into this category! This one’s for the men that love sports and their sacred time at the gym – and for the ladies like me who’d admittedly just rather have a bagel. Support your all star athlete’s passion with these awesome athletic gifts! The Fitbit is my ultimate favorite!

What are you getting your man for Valentine’s Day?
xoxo Blonde

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