Kopari Coconut Melt

Alright kids, let's talk about COCONUT OIL.

But like, specifically Kopari Beauty coconut oil products.

This post is in no way sponsored, but coconut oil has been such a hot ingredient of 2018 when it comes to beauty so how could I not do a post all about it?

Coconut oil in general is amazing as a beauty ingredient. Coconut oil is the ultimate multitasker. You can lather your body up to hydrate your skin, drop a little in your bath like a bath bomb, use it in your hair to help with dryness and frizz - the possibilities are endless. 

So when I saw that Kopari focuses on coconut oil based beauty products - I was intrigued. I already knew coconut oil was something I wanted to add into my routine, but wasn't sure how the Kopari products would perform. 

Why are they different than the coconut oil I can grab at Whole Foods?

I've been rocking the Coconut Melt for six months now, so let me break down my love affair with this product and why I'm convinced we can't get the same thing at Whole Foods.


So, why Kopari?

Kopari uses 100% pure, organic coconut oil.

First off - Kopari uses only the highest quality, 100% organic coconut oil. Kopari actually sources it from the Philippines. 

No sulfates, silicones, parabens, GMOs, or toxins.

Alright pay attention to this one. When you grab a jar of coconut oil off the shelf at your local grocery store, have you ever noticed it's slightly yellow in color? Not Kopari. The Kopari Coconut Melt is pure show white. That's because it has none of the icky stuff (and because it's 100% pure + organic).

Kopari is cruelty free.

An added bonus - Kopari is completely cruelty free. I never feel guilty when I buy!


The Coconut Melt is my all time fave product from Kopari. I use it religiously at night after every shower (if you follow me on Instagram you know this - I show it on Stories ALL THE TIME). A little goes a long way with this product, so if you try use the smallest amount. Trust me. You want to be hydrated and glowing - not greasy. 

Sometimes I get excited and I overdo it. Lolz.

I also recently picked up a tube of the Lip Glossy. I'm still testing this product out so no firm opinions yet. I'm not sure if I feel it's more of a balm or a gloss - maybe best of both worlds? I'll keep ya'll posted.


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