This iPhone Trick Could Save Your Life

Alright people, listen up. If this isn’t considered real talk I don’t know what is.

This handy little iPhone trick I’m about to show you could save your life one day. And for once I’m not exaggerating.

I basically live my life in a constant state of paranoia. My family forbids me from logging on to WebMD because I start to go down the rabbit whole and end up convinced I have an incurable disease.

I know I’m insane, what can I say.

But for once in my life I’m convinced my insanity and over preparedness is warranted. So consider this post a PSA!

I recently discovered on your iPhone lock screen you can add a Medical ID for emergency personnel to access in the event that you are unable to speak with them. It sucks to say – and I hope none of us ever are in a situation where this is needed – but shit happens. Life happens. If for some reason emergency personnel are unable to communicate with you during an emergency situation, they’ll be unable to know:

★ Your name

★ Your emergency contact info

★ Your basic health information (like your age and your weight)

★ Your allergies

And if there’s one thing we always seem to have on us it’s our phones. So honestly I think this is a genius idea. Let’s break down how you can set up your own Medical ID in case of an emergency.

medical ID

Start by accessing your lock screen. In the lower left hand corner you’ll see “Emergency.” Go ahead and click like it’s hot.

medical ID

You’ll then be taken to the Emergency phone screen. Apple developed this screen so that we all have the ability to make an emergency phone call even in the case we are unable to get into the phone itself. From this screen, click the “Medical ID” text in the lower left hand corner.

medical ID

Welcome to your Medical ID. Here you’ll be able to enter in basic information like your name, age, and weight. You can also add in emergency contact information. I keep my contact list pretty robust. Few of my family members live in the area and there’s always a chance someone won’t answer their phone. I’ve made sure to include phone numbers for my immediate family as well as the boy toy, KB.

You’re also able to add your allergies to any medications. I don’t have any allergies so don’t have any listed here as an example – but am well aware this is probably one of the most important pieces of information you should include. Emergency personnel will be better able to assist if they have an idea of what medicines they can and cannot administer.

I know this post isn’t super glamorous or fun – but it’s crazy important. I’ve kept it short and sweet for ya’ll today, but wanted to make sure I spread the word here – and hopefully you can share it, too!

Please pass this information on to all your family and friends so that they can set up their own Medical ID!

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One response to “This iPhone Trick Could Save Your Life”

  1. Kendal says:

    I have all of my medical information on my medical ID, too! This post actually made me go in and add my blood type since I out recently. I think this is definitely something more people should know about, so I applaud you for sharing it Kelsey!

    Kendal // Life With Kendal