My Latest Obsession: Aromatherapy Roller Balls

I definitely have an addictive personality type. Luckily for me my addictions are (relatively) good for me.

Minus maybe the addiction to carbs.

I’ve been addicted to essential oils for some time now. I religiously diffuse lavender oil every single night before bed. Why? Lavender oil is a natural relaxant and makes me super sleepy. Diffusing my essential oils has become a part of my nightly ritual. As soon as I turn on the diffuser, my body knows it’s time for bed.

As I was packing up for New York Fashion Week I had a stark realization that I’d be missing my essential oils while traveling. My diffuser is the bomb dot com but it definitely isn’t made for travel.

KB and I were browsing a Bath & Body Works (okay – to be fair – I was browsing) when I bumped into this display of essential oil roller balls.

And immediately lost my shit.

Just to be clear – it was actually an empty display and I fully made one of the employees search the back room to find the boxes of roller balls. Yup. I’m that high maintenance.

I’m about to get real with ya’ll here. I’m not writing this post because I have affiliate links to use. Bath & Body Works is not sponsoring this post. Literally these roller balls are so amazing I just need you to know about them.

Lets break down the magic of the Bath & Body Works roller balls & the oils inside of them, shall we?

“Sleep” Essential Oil Roller Ball

The Bath & Body Works Sleep line is one of my favorites in their entire aromatherapy collection. KB and I are hooked on the pillow mist and body lotion.

While I typically diffuse pure lavender oil in my diffuser at night, the Bath & Body Works sleep collection utilizes both lavender and cedarwood essential oils. Honestly not a bad combination – lavender makes you good and sleepy while the cedarwood adds extra zen.

After arriving in NY for Fashion Week I had so many issues getting to sleep at night. Between the stress of solo travel and the discomfort of not being in my own bed, I was up late and tossing and turning all night.

I am so glad I had this handy little roller ball with me! I rolled some on each wrist right before hopping into bed (…really it was hopping into couch. The AirBNB was pull out couch only.) to help me hit the hay.

“Stress Relief” Essential Oil Roller Ball

I’m going to be super honest – I was practically bathing myself in the Stress Relief roller ball while in NY. I was so stressed out all the time.

The Bath and Body Works Stress Relief line utilizes Eucalyptus and Spearmint oils for ultimate relaxation. Eucalyptus is known to naturally clear the mind while Spearmint soothes.

I effing love sniffing this lil’ roller ball. 

Unlike the Sleep line where lavender instantly makes me sleepy, the Stress Relief roller ball calms me without putting me fully into sleep mode. I found myself pulling this out of my purse throughout the day for a quick reapplication to my wrists.

Shop My Fave Essential Oils

The bad news.

This shit is sold out. 

I know. Super annoying. I’m hoping Bath & Body Works gets their shit together and restocks this stuff ASAP because clearly I’m not the only one who is obsessed.

But in the meantime I refuse to leave you babes hanging.

I found you an awesome lavender essential oil roller ball here, a tea tree essential oil roller ball here, and an empty roller ball here – you can pour your own essential oils into it to take them on the go!

Alright babes, until next time. This week is so busy you can find me sniffing my Stress Relief roller ball BIG TIME.

What essential oils are your favorites to use?

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One response to “My Latest Obsession: Aromatherapy Roller Balls”

  1. Kendal says:

    I have heard so many great things about essential oils! I’m probably the last person to try them…. but I never thought to put them in a rollerball for on-the-go!

    Kendal // Life With Kendal