How to Get Perfect Rose Gold Blonde Hair

I don’t know about you – but a shake up in my hair cut or color has always been my way of signaling to the world I’m ready for a change. Out with the old, in with the new. And in this case, the new is with a little pop of color with a rose gold blonde balayage by none other than the best hair salon in San Francisco (truly – they were voted for the title!), Patrick Evan Salon.

I’ve written a handful of posts about my experience at Patrick Evan Salon in the past. If you’re a Bay Area #BagelBabe I seriously cannot recommend them enough. I don’t let anyone else touch my hair.

Pam specifically is a rock star – but everyone there is an artist.

But I digress.

I’ve been dying to shake up my hair color for a while, so Pam came up with the perfect plan to get me from my standard blonde to having a hint of rose gold. I know this hair color is trending (I know because I spent hours on Pinterest looking at photos lol) so wanted to get up a full blog post with Pam’s exact advice, tips, and formula for perfect rose gold hair.

rose gold blonde hair color
rose gold blonde hairstyle

How to get the perfect shade of rose gold blonde hair.

A few things to know before going rose gold.

It’s always so tricky to find a hair style or color you like on Pinterest, only to have it totally NOT turn out how you envisioned in real life. I’m all about setting reasonable expectations – and so is Pam. I asked Pam if there were any things to know before going rose gold.​​​​​​​

“Anyone wanting to go to a light rose gold has to have fairly healthy hair because the hair needs to be lightened to a yellow/pale yellow. If hair has been previously colored darker or is compromised the end result could vary, but there are also different depths of rose gold.”

Pam, Patrick Evan Salon

For reference, I have naturally blonde hair that leans on the dirty side when living in San Francisco but was a much lighter blonde when I lived in sunnier areas. Overall – my hair is naturally light, which makes for a great base for rose gold.

rose gold blonde hair color

How I went rose gold blonde.

My exact formula.

You can watch my YouTube video to see exactly how we processed my rose gold color, but I asked Pam for the exact step by step process and formula used in case you want to recreate.

The process.

★ Balayaged the hair to a very pale yellow.

★ Pre-tone the hair with Redken Shades EQ 2 parts 9Vro and 1 part 9AA.

★ Final glaze Goldwell Colorance Pastel Rose mixed with Pastel Lavender.

Our goal was to create a cooler/pinker version of rose gold vs. A warm-based rose gold because of your skin tone.

Pam, Patrick Evan Salon

Is dyeing your hair rose gold expensive?

I always struggle to answer expense questions, because, well – it depends.

The cost of dyeing your hair rose gold really will depend on a whole host of things from what your original color is, what salon you go to, which city you live in, and even potentially the length of your hair.

How long does rose gold hair last?

Pam says home care is really the key to extending the life of your rose gold hair. Frequent washing and styling of your hair reduces the life of your color a lot – so reduce wash days where you can and lay off the heat styling when possible!

rose gold blonde hair

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rose gold blonde hair
rose gold blonde hair

Have questions for the experts at Patrick Evan Salon? Drop ’em in the comments below!

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