Everlane Day Heel Review

If you've followed me for even five mins you know my Everlane addiction runs deep. I've done several blog posts about my love of Everlane, plus a full YouTube try on video.

Me and Everlane are in a serious relationship, okay?

But there's one item of clothing I really never thought I'd love from any brand: heels. I effing hate heels. My style is all about functional comfort and high heels don't typically fit into that equation. I love to feel like a lady and all, but most heels just aren't all that practical.

We'll get into the nitty gritty of the pros and cons of the Everlane Day Heel today, but I wanted to dedicate a full post to these shoes because I do think they're different.

So let's dig in.


What are the Everlane Day Heels?

Everlane markets itself as a transparent, ethical clothing brand. I think there are still plenty of convos we can have about where they can improve on transparency - but my thought is no one is perfect and I'd much rather shop them than 90% of the clothing out there (looking at you, fast fashion).

The Day Heels are Everlane's most popular pair of high heels. They come in a short and a high version. The Day Heel is a primarily leather shoe. They make a suede version as well! Basically imagine a leather ballet flat transformed into a heel - that's the Everlane Day Heel.

How much do the Day Heels cost?

The Everlane Day Heel costs $145 as of the time of this blog post (May 2019).


Are the Everlane Day Heels comfortable?

This is the big question, isn't it? Everlane markets these heels as heels you can wear all day. And, for the most part, I'd agree.

Here's the jam - you need to break these heels in. Period. I own two pairs of the Day Heel (one leather pair and one suede pair). The leather pair I bought brand new and did have a blister by the end of my first day of wear. The suede pair I actually bought pre-loved and they were softer and more broken in - zero blisters.

Typically it's the bottom of my foot that really feels the pain after a few hours in heels. The Day Heel is much more comfortable than your standard high heel - it does provide better overall support and stability. But I'll just keep it real - these are no pair of sneakers. The Day Heel does leave me feeling a little tender by the end of my day, BUT I can survive my entire day in these shoes. And that's a big win.

I always say you have to go in with realistic expectations. Are these comparable to your fave pair of slippers? Nope. Are they manageable and chic looking heels? YUP.


Are the Everlane Day Heels worth it?

I try to answer this question for every product review I do because I HATE spending money on shit I don't wear. I like to be able to break down for ya'll if I think an item is worth it.

Truthfully - if you're a human that wants to dabble in the world of high heels without feeling the pain - YES, the Everlane Day Heel is a great choice. The style itself is classic and timeless, so you aren't going to be tossing them out in a year because they're too trendy. They're definitely more comfortable than a standard heel. They're a great investment in any capsule wardrobe.

I'm a big fan overall. I've worn my Day Heels to work, to date night - shit, I even got engaged in the Day Heel.

These heels are B&B approved.


Thoughts on the Everlane Day Heel? Drop 'em in the comments below!