Everlane Alpaca Crew Review

I definitely have a full blown addiction to Everlane. You can read some of my past blog posts here or maybe even watch my latest YouTube Everlane haul as proof.

I love me some Everlane.

Out of all the Everlane pieces I own in my capsule wardrobe – the Everlane Oversized Alpaca Crew is definitely one of my all time favorites. I have this sweater in three colors.

I seriously love this sweater enough that I wanted to do an entire Everlane Alpaca Crew review to spill all the deets on this piece for all ya’ll that are considering pulling the trigger.

Let’s do it.



The Everlane Alpaca Crew rings in at a price of $95. Transparently – I think this is a totally fair price. The yarns in this sweater are more novelty and luxurious (as opposed to something more common like cotton). The weave and construction itself is also beautifully done. I used to work in merchandising and can tell you things like a rib neck add cost!

Overall – the Alpaca Crew feels high quality, and the price seems fair to match.


As the name states, this Everlane sweater is oversized. Everlane tends to have more oversized fits in general, but especially whenever I see the word “oversized” in an item name, I know to size down 1-2 sizes.

For reference, I am 4’11” and approx. 135 pounds. I opted for size Small because I still wanted this sweater to have a slightly oversized fit to it. I tend to wear a short sleeve tee underneath and treat it more like a layering piece rather than a top itself (unless its FREEZING out – like it was in these photos!).



Let me tell you…

This sweater is SOFT. My biggest motivator for writing an Everlane Alpaca Crew review was really because of how darn comfortable this piece is. This sweater feels like a soft, warm, fuzzy hug – it’s cozy and its comforting. I have few sweaters that even come close to this level of comfort.

That being said – my one con to this sweater is it sometimes can be too warm. It’s hard to look chic and effortless when you’re sweating (lol), so definitely save this bad boy for a chilly day.


I typically outfit my Alpaca Crew as a layering piece (like I referenced earlier) and just with jeans – I’m easy peasy. I seriously love no fuss pieces that I don’t have to work hard to style. I love that this sweater is just so easy.

Seriously don’t have some big wham bam ending – it’s just a great sweater. The pricing feels fair, the material feels luxe, and it looks timeless that I’m not worried the Everlane Alpaca Crew will go out of style in the near future.

I consider this one a big win.

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everlane alpaca crew review
everlane alpaca crew review

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