Cuyana Backpack Review

Not sure if ya'll caught my last OMG WE'RE ENGAGED POST - lolz - but KB and I just got back from a ten day Euro trip to Paris and Belgium! I have so much content we shot while traveling you guys, get ready for so much good stuff. 

We're talking travel guides, outfit roundups, THE WORKS.

But I wanted to start by talking about my all time favorite topic: bags. 

I am a bag lady if there ever was one. There is no accessory I love more than a good bag. From my favorite designer bags to the best work bags, I've touched on my bag obsession multiple times, but what I haven't touched on is BACKPACKS.

Enter this little Cuyana number that I was alllll about during our travels.

So let's break down what makes this Cuyana backpack the BEST backpack ever.



Probably the trickiest aspect of selecting the perfect backpack is finding the right size. Don't get me wrong, it's easy to find a good "functional" backpack - but functional typically means big and bulky.

What I love about the Cuyana Leather Backpack is that at 12 3/4" tall, 10 1/2" wide, and 7 3/4" deep - it's definitely functional but not overwhelming. For size reference, I'm 4'11" tall. This backpack is a healthy medium size that allowed me to fit my 13" MacBook, my wallet, a small cosmetics case, and all my other little essentials.


Like I said, every time I find a "functional" backpack I'm usually at a crossroads between function and style.


I'm obsessed with Cuyana as a brand in general because of how classic and minimalist the styles are. This backpack is no exception. I wanted something a little more daring, so opted for the croc embossed version, but I love the classic leather versions as well (especially the light pink!).

Also - bonus feature - this backpack doubles as a shoulder bag! There's a top handle and you can pop off the backpack straps to wear this baby multiple ways.


The long story short here is that Cuyana as a brand = quality. Period.

Everything Cuyana makes is thoughtfully designed and assembled - always with the best materials. I think that's why I'm so obsessed with Cuyana in general. Think fewer, but better,

This backpack specifically is designed in San Francisco and made in Italy with Italian premium pebbled leather. 


The final component that makes or breaks a good backpack is how it feels. Backpacks can sometimes get painful, especially if you're carting them around on long days.

The Cuyana Leather Backpack passed the Europe test! We're talking over 20,000 steps a day, people - it's no joke. The straps are thin, but sturdy and strong, and they don't dig in at the shoulders. 

My Cuyana top picks


If you're on the hunt for an amazing every day work or travel bag, I highly recommend the Cuyana Leather Backpack. If it got me through Europe, it can definitely get you through your day. 😉


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