Bronze Holiday Makeup Look

The holidays are my favorite time of year. I've always loved the process of "getting ready" but this process becomes even more fun for me during the holiday season.

There are just too many events to use as an excuse to play with new makeup. Not that I need an excuse...

ANYWAY. I have been wearing this look a lot lately and have received a ton of questions (and compliments - thank you!). I wanted to break down this easy but glam bronze halo eye for ya'll.

Halo eye looks are quickly becoming my favorite. This shading illusion makes your eyes look bigger and more awake. 

Also more sultry. Into it.

Get the breakdown below. 

★ Glowing holiday skin

The holiday season is all about the glow. I'm a huge fan of eye makeup, but have been giving my skin some extra TLC this season and it's paying off. 

Because winter is so damn dry, I've been opting for hydrating products over everything. I've been sticking to my super simple winter skincare routine that I wrote about in this post. I also love starting my makeup routine with a hydrating primer like this one from Glossier. It's basically a lightweight moisturizer that helps my makeup sit flawlessly on top -  no patchiness or dryness. I've also been addicted to this CC cream from Chanel since last spring. It's pricey ($55 - woof) but it's lasted me for months and gives a flawless, hydrated finish. I then spot conceal with my Glossier concealer. I like this one because it's creamy, but lightweight - perfect for covering and hydrating dark circles! I top off my base with Glossier's Wowder - the only face powder I've tired so far that doesn't leave me dusty and chalky.

For this look I kept my face color natural and glowing. I started by lightly bronzing my face with this unbelievable bronzer from Too Faced. It's actually a bronzer and blush in one and it's by far the most flattering color I've ever owned. For real - I'm buying a back up. I also brushed on a little blush from MAC and dabbed on some highlighter from Glossier for a dewy finish. 

★ Easy bronze halo eye

I was wearing this lil' eye look on my Instagram stories the other day and you guys went bonkers. I got so many DMs asking me what products I used so I'm fully breaking down this easy glam holiday eye for my fave babes (you - duh).

I always start every eye look by putting down a layer of primer. I have super dry skin, but oily eyelids are still a reality. Even when eyeshadows claim they don't need primer - I still use a primer. My absolute favorite is this one from Smashbox. My eyeshadow literally looks the same when I get home at 6 pm as it did when I left the house at 8 am. 

For the shadow, I used my new Tartelette in Bloom palette for this entire look. This palette is definitely not new on the market - but it's new to my collection! And I'm downright obsessed. I have a lot of neutral palettes and this one makes it into my top 3. It has a great combination of neutral, cool and warm tones, plus it has a huge mirror (it's perfect for travel). 

If you don't own this palette - you can still totally recreate this look using colors you do own! I used a mid toned brown, a dark brown, and a champagne/gold shimmer color to create this halo eye.

I started by taking the color "Smarty Pants" into my crease as a transition shade. Using a transition shade helps all the other colors blend seamlessly. I then took a dark brown (I mixed "Rebel" and "Leader") and darkened both the outer and inner corners of my eye (this is what gives the look that "halo" effect!). I topped off the look by patting a shimmer shade in the center of my lid (I used "Funny Girl"). 

For liner I've been loving this sketch marker from Too Faced. It's sleek and stays put most of the day. I've also been testing out a ton of mascaras and am currently burning my way through a sample of this mascara from Marc Jacobs. For brows I'm fully microbladed, but like using this brow gel from Glossier to add a hint of pigment and keep all my little hairs in place. 

I finished off my entire look with a little of my favorite lipstick and favorite gloss. Nothing bold - but totally glam.

What's your go to holiday look? I'm a total beauty junkie always on the hunt for new things to try. Tell me your fave products in the comments below!

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