Splurge vs. Steal: Designer Handbag Dupes

I love handbags. My two major vices are definitely purses and makeup.

Okay also carbs.

I've only just recently started my designer handbag collection which means I'm well versed on all the best dupes. Finding the perfect designer handbag dupe can be tricky - you want your bag to look chic and not like a knock off. 

I picked out five popular designer bags for today's post and sourced all the best dupes on the market - so that you don't have to.


Louis Vuitton Neverfull dupe

It's pretty much impossible to go one city block without bumping into a Louis Vuitton Neverfull. They're everywhere.

The Neverfull is the world's most iconic tote. It's big, it's spacious, it's "never full." It's also super expensive especially when you consider what they're made of. The Neverfull is made of a coated canvas - not leather. There are plenty of details that make the Neverfull worth the dolla dolla bills, but there's no denying it's expensive for a simple tote bag.

Personally my favorite tote is my Longchamp, but the Longchamp isn't a true dupe for the Neverfull. The Neverfull is a wide open tote with zero zip closure (unlike the Longchamp). This Calvin Klein tote is a great dupe in terms of print and shape. This Tory Burch tote is also a great alternative at a fraction of the cost! 

I've popped a handful of my top choices in the slider for you to peruse.


Chanel Classic Flap dupe

The Chanel Classic Flap might actually be the most iconic designer handbag of all time.


But seriously. It's chic, it's timeless, and the cost actually makes sense. Chanel bags are still hand stitched to this day and use fine materials for each piece. I'm not saying five grand is like a casual number - but like I get it.

Because the Classic Flap is so iconic it's also incredibly duped. I'm a huge fan of the Rebecca Minkoff style personally - they did an amazing job of being inspired by a classic piece while still giving it their own edge. You can also find much cheaper options at retailers like ASOS - all linked below!


Gucci Soho Disco dupe

Guys. Literally six months ago this bag was priced at under $1,000. 

Bloggers have made the Soho Disco so damn popular that Gucci wised up and raised the price. 

Now that I'm done crying - I'm adding it to my Christmas list. I'm also super impressed with all the dupes of this style out there.

The Soho Disco is a classic camera bag style. The thing I love about these "dupes" is that they don't read like knockoffs or heavily inspired. They're actually just cute bags. I was super confused to see Céline Dion's name on a handbag, but I'm loving her version of the classic camera bag. Michael Kors is also coming out with some colorful versions of the camera bag.

Into it.

Givenchy Antigona dupe

The Givenchy Antigona has been popular for the last few years likely due to it's sleek and unique shape. Because this shape is so specific, it means dupes tend to look less "inspired by" and more like knock offs.

That being said - it doesn't mean the dupes aren't cute. I'm all about getting a luxe look for less.

Sole Society makes the best Givenchy Antigona dupe out there, hands down. They nailed both the shape and the material. This style and this style, both from Nordstrom, are also great options. 


Saint Laurent Sac De Jour dupe

Why DID YSL drop the Y? 

ANYWAY. The Saint Laurent Sac De Jour is the most ladylike bag on this little list. The streamlined and classic shape makes this bag perfect for both work and maybe a little play.

The best value for money dupe I found was this style from Nordstrom (It's just under $70!). The Kate Spade Candace bag is on the more expensive side of the spectrum (just under $400) but is still thousands shy of the full price Sac De Jour. I'm also a fan of this under $300 version that I also found at Nordies.

Links below!

What's your favorite designer bag? Share your dupes down below!