Packing Guide: Big Sur

Get ready to rumble #BagelBabes because I am headed back to Big Sur this weekend! Well. Kind of. Big Sur is technically the stretch of coastline (and forest) from Monterey, CA down to Santa Barbara. There’s a ton to see and it’s pretty much impossible to cover that much ground in one weekend, but KB and I have dabbled in the Northern part of Big Sur and had so much fun we’re headed back for round two!

Big Sur is a beautiful combination of nature, activity, and pure relaxation. This is the land where camping and luxury somehow combine and form “glamping” (where you stay in a posh yurt that has a queen sized bed and is nestled along the coast). This range in activity can make packing a bit of a challenge, but no worries because I’ve got your back and the perfect packing guide for a trip to Big Sur!

Pack for hiking, trail blazing, and adventures.

From hiking to see McWay Falls or seal watching at Año Nuevo State Park, active gear is going to be your best friend. You don’t need to go too crazy with hiking gear, but a pair of leggings and some comfortable running shoes are a necessity. I also wear my Fitbit for every day, but love tracking my steps when we take hikes in Big Sur! Hitting my goal of 10k steps a day is pretty easy when you tackle those winding trails.

sweaty betty

I’m super excited to rock my new tank that my friends at Sweaty Betty sent me! Mostly because this slub tank says “knock out” on it…which is my initials! KO! I’m also tossing a pair of quilted leggings into my bag. Quilting on leggings give more of an athleisure vibe versus true athletic. And let’s face it. With a name like “Blondes & Bagels” I’m not that athletic.

Pack for spas, bubble baths, and relaxation.

After tiring yourself out with a day of trail blazing, it’ll be time to hit one of the many luxury spas located across Big sur – or the bathtub in the cozy bed and breakfast you’ve claimed for the night (my favorite being Sand Rock Farm). I always stock up on bath bombs because I love to draw a really relaxing bath and crack open a bottle of wine to end my Big Sur evening.

big sure

Pack for beach walks & shopping trips.

Inevitably on any trip to Big Sur you’ll find yourself strolling the boardwalk and browsing the shops in adorable towns like Monterey, Carmel, and Capitola. These coastal towns give off an awesome beach vibe – true to their coastal roots. Use the ocean as inspiration and toss some white jeans (or shorts), nautical stripes, and espadrilles into your bag! I’ve been obsessed with my new Soludos that have the makings of a mimosa embroidered on them. So. Cute.

big sur

I’ll be road trippin’ down to Big Sur so make sure to follow my shenanigans on Instagram and Snapchat (blondebagel)!

Have you ever been to Big Sur? Tell me about your packing tips in the comments below!


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    Sounds amazing! Wish you a lot of fun 🙂
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