My 1 Day Jus Cleanse

2019 update – I do NOT support any “cleanses” of any kind. It was super nice of Jus by Julie to send me this one day cleanse a couple years back, but as of now I would not accept this offer and do not intend to support any cleanse companies in the future. You have a liver – your body doesn’t need to “cleanse”! I’ll leave this post up as reference for anyone interested in trying Jus by Julie, but wanted to note that this isn’t a diet I support.

That’s right folks – I did a one day juice cleanse. And for anyone who knows me (or reads my blog), you know this is super out of character. I mean, come on, my blog name is literally an ode to my love of bagels. Any time I can take carbs to the face I’m down. Pizza? I’m in. Nachos? Say my naaaame say my name. So when my friends over at JUS by Julie sent me a one day juice cleanse to try out I was skeptical to say the least. How was I ever going to survive?

Ready for some education (and lots of laughs?) I documented my entire one day juice cleanse for all you #BagelBabes below!

8:00 am

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day (can you tell by my blog name?) so I have to admit the idea of not indulging in my weekly “Bagel Thursday” made me sad. And yes – I did just admit I do have at least one bagel a week #cantquityou. I swapped out my glorious onion bagel from Red Door for JUS by Julie #1, “Morning Glory” This bad boy is a blended green juice made with kale, romaine, spinach, celery, apple, pear, banana, strawberry, and rice milk. I was prepared for the worst taste because I’ve had a Pressed Juicery green juice or two and those can get pretty strong. Honestly? “”Morning Glory” doesn’t really taste like anything. I am appreciating the fact that JUS by Julie juices are blended rather than pressed right off the bat because they feel like they have more substance and weight and for someone who’s never juiced before like me it’s almost like having food..

jus by julie

10:00 am

My second juice of the day is a juice cleanse classic: lemon & cayenne pepper. This “Spicy Lemonade” is a real zinger, but maybe that’s because I forgot to shake the bottle and thus got a whole mouthful of cayenne pepper that had settled on the bottom. This. Girl. Is. On. FIYAAAA. To be honest this one feels a little too stereotypical juice cleanse for me. I also have IBS and don’t do well with spicy foods so we’ll see how this one turns out. On the plus side – I do feel full so far. My stomach isn’t growling, I don’t feel hungry, and on a normal day I’d probably have grazed on at least two mini candy bars from my office’s candy stash by now so I’m making progress.

11:00 am

Okay, admittedly I’m starting to crave some bread. I think the lemonade actually made me thirstier and hungrier. I’m taking a water bottle to the face now in an attempt to prevent myself from shoving a sourdough roll down my pie hole.

12:00 noon

My coworker just left to go get lunch from the Melt and I might murder someone. My stomach is growling a little but I think I’m hangry not because I’m truly hungry but more out of jealousy that other people are consuming carbs. Also I have to pee every half hour which is probably good for me but pretty annoying.

jus by julie

12:30 pm

I cracked open my lunch: “Dr. Green” juice. I’m not sure how I feel about having blended greens for lunch but I’m going to roll with it. “Dr. Green” is made with kale, spinach, celery, apple, ginger, lemon, and rice milk. Again I totally am appreciating the fact that JUS by Julie blends their juices rather than pressing. This particular green juice is slightly more flavorful than the first one but again there’s not a ton of taste. I like that about JUS by Julie green juices – makes them easier to stomach than some of those really awful tasting green juices from other companies!

Also my coworker is eating a burger from the Melt and it looks delicious.

2:00 pm

From a timing stand point, my juices are more spread out towards the end of the day. My next juice is in an hour and admittedly I feel really hungry. I’m probably not drinking nearly enough water. I want to eat my own hand.

3:00 pm

My afternoon snack consists of the “Chia Berry” JUS by Julie. This one is made of chia seeds, pomegranate, strawberry, and lemon – it’s super sour! I am really loving this one after two green juices already…and I just peeked and the last one of the day is green as well. Ugh, I get it Julie, you’re trying to pump me full of kale and other green goodness. I hate you but I love you for it.

jus by julie

I’ve already started to contemplate whether or not I’m going to survive the whole day without a meal. It’s already 3 pm so I’ll definitely power through my work day, but the idea of not having dinner is killing me from the inside out. When I looked and saw that dinner would be another green juice that’s where I really lost my mojo. On the bright side my next juice looks like it’s coconut flavored and I’m already salivating…that sounds so tasty!

4:00 pm

I couldn’t handle waiting until 6 to have another juice so I cracked open the “Island Coconut” one early…OMG IT’S SO GOOD. I seriously cannot handle how tasty this juice is like this was a total afternoon pick-me-up after drowning in green juice all day. “Island Coconut” is made of coconut meat, coconut milk, dates, and cinnamon. This is yet again another great example of how awesome it is that JUS by Julie makes blended juices – this juice feels like an amazing and filling tropical smoothie. I’m being transported away from my cubicle filled with empty green juice containers and onto a tropical island where I’m sipping my smoothie. Mmmm so good. Where’s the cabana boy?

jus by julie

6:00 pm

I decided to indulge in something I admittedly rarely do: exercise. I whipped out my Magic Carpet Yoga Mat and did a session of Blogilates (which if you haven’t checked out her channel you totally need to!). I’m not sure I can handle an all day juice cleanse – as I contemplate dinner options – but I have to say juicing motivated me to do some exercise!

7:30 pm

I fell off the wagon – I had dinner. In my defense I kept it light! I had an avocado and a little soup. Part of me feels guilty and the other part of me has zero shame because I made it much further than I thought I would.

All in all today was a really good learning experience and helped me to push myself out of my comfort zone. I’ve been so resigned lately to my life of work, dragging myself home, stuffing my face, and heading to bed. Especially since I’ve been sick the last few weeks! Doing this one day juice cleanse (or 3/4 day juice cleanse…) helped me to recharge and re-motivate. I think it will be so much easier for me to eat light and even do a little exercise because if I can survive most of a day of juicing – I can keep on going!

I was also pleasantly surprised with JUS by Julie as a whole. I’ve dabbled with Pressed Juicery and The Juice Shop in the past and sure some of their juices are yummy, but ultimately I’m pretty anti juice cleanse simply because they’re packed with sugar and by pressing the fruits and veggies you lose so much of their fiber and nutrients. JUS by Julie’s blended juices are actually juices I can stand behind – they’re just plain better for you.

Have you juiced before? Tell me how much better at it you are than I was in the comments below!

xoxo Blonde

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5 responses to “My 1 Day Jus Cleanse”

  1. Anna Hubbard says:

    This juice cleanse is intriguing – also coming from a girl who loads up on carbs every single day! I like how you kept your sense of humor throughout the day because I truly would have been too hangry to joke!
    -Anna |

  2. Julianna Lynch says:

    I seriously loved this post and you totally made it further than I ever would;)!

    xx Julianna

    • Blondes & Bagels says:

      Seriously Julianna your comment just MADE MY DAY! Thanks for taking a moment out of your busy day to peek over at my blog! I’m glad I could give you a couple laughs with this one 🙂 I hope you’ve had an amazing day!
      xoxo Kelsey

  3. Hunter Mitchell says:

    Thank you so much for your post! I have been contemplating doing her three day cleanse. But I get nervous because I also battle with IBS! Did you feel like any of the juices flared up any symptoms?
    On the plus side, that is awesome you made it as far as you did! Juice cleanses are not easy!

    xox Hunter

    • Blondes & Bagels says:

      Hi Hunter! Woof three days! You’re a brave girl lol! And yes unfortunately IBS is my life. It’s kind of hard to say how your stomach will take it because as you know there’s SO MANY different kinds of IBS and different people experience different symptoms. I think 1) ANY juice cleanse is likely to give you an upset tummy after a day or so because it’s pure liquid and a lot of greens but 2) Jus by Julie does a good job of balancing out just how many green juices you’re drinking in any given day. Like that coconut drink was a really nice break in between and served as something “solid” for my stomach to latch on to.

      It’s totally personal – but if you decide to do it let me know! I’d love to know how it goes for you!

      xoxo Kelsey