Behind the Scenes: NYFW 2017

First of all – I am so sorry that I have been absent for the past couple of weeks. I could tell you’ve I’ve been busy – which I have. But the real truth is I’ve been feeling both overwhelmed and uninspired. I have a lot of amazing content I want to share with you guys, but my blog and my brand no longer seem to align with the content I want share and the person that I am. Lately I’ve been embracing my inner tomboy, embracing my all black outfits, embracing new topics in terms of wellness and realness.

My blog feels like the old me right now. It’s been a total turn off.

That being said – I’m back and I’m building. I’m working with a super talented web designer to do an entirely new web design – all designed by me! Hopefully you’ll see the new Blondes & Bagels in October. Until then, let’s keep doing this thing right here. You, me, and content that you care about.

In the midst of my whole blog redesign, I was prepping for my second New York Fashion Week. NO BIG DEAL GUYS it’s not like NYFW takes a million hours of pitching and prepping and packing. Lolz.

Take a peek behind the scenes at what I did at NYFW!


How to go to New York Fashion Week as a small blogger.

Let me say this loud and clear – you can go to New York Fashion Week. YOU. Yes, YOU. Whether you have 1,000 Instagram followers or 500,000 Instagram followers – there’s room for everyone.

And you can even get into shows.

As a smaller blogger I am able to get into shows, but I have to really work for it. I send pitch emails to the PR companies that represent designers I’d love to see. I let them know a little about myself and my blog, my follower count, and that I’d love to cover their show on my social media channels.

Boom – the invites start rolling in a week or so before the shows!

Obviously I’m dumbing this process down a lot in this post. Pitching takes tons of time and research. It also takes guts – you can’t be afraid of the radio silence or of rejection. I’m definitely down to do more detailed “how to” Fashion Week related posts. Just let me know in the comments what you’d like to know!

NYFW essentials.

With one Fashion Week already under my belt, I felt much more prepared this time around. I packed comfortable shoes, functional handbags, and plenty of snacks. Fashion Week involves so much running around from shows to meetings to events, sometimes there’s very little time to eat.

And “hanger” is a real thing, my friends. I’m all about that snack life.

NYFW Day 1

I kicked off my trip to New York the right way – with an onion bagel topped with cream cheese and lox.

Died and went to heaven.

Day 1 was packed with shows. When you’re a smaller blogger like I am you have a standing ticket – not an assigned seat. This basically means it’s like the Hunger Games of people trying to get into shows. Yes, even if you have a ticket you are not guaranteed entrance.

To ensure I’d get into all my shows I came an hour before the doors opened to wait in line. I waited in line for hours on Day 1. Totally worth it in my mind – I managed to snag seats at Galtiscopio, Vaishali, and Cindy Monteiro.

My favorite thing about NYFW isn’t really the shows – it’s the people. I get to meet up with old friends and make new friends allll at the same time. Lee from LegalLee Blonde and I hung out at several of the shows together and even managed to sneak away for drinks and some amazing avocado toast at While We Were Young.

NYFW Day 2

Day 2 of NYFW might have been my absolute fave because…ya’ll…


Okay I’m not sure I can actually say I “met” her because she absolutely does not know my name. But I got to congratulate her on her Banana Republic presentation and chatted for like…ten seconds. So yeah. Basically we’re BFFs. Lolz.

I bought this amazing military inspired jacket from the Banana Republic x Olivia Palermo collection. The show was unique because it was a “shop now” event meaning you could shop the looks walking down the runway right there and then – none of this waiting six months nonsense. So obvi when a model stomped through the store wearing that jacket I knew I had to have it.

I also loved that it came in petite sizing! Finding outwear at my height is always a struggle.

NYFW Day 3

Okay, real talk, NYFW day 3 was a total fail from a show perspective. I couldn’t get into any of the shows I had tickets to. All the PR companies had overbooked the shows to the point where hundreds of people with tickets were left stranded outside. I was literally told I couldn’t get in even when I was the first one in line and waited an hour and a half.

Glamorous, I know.

But honestly guys – that’s the reality of Fashion Week. NYFW isn’t all glitz, glamour, photoshoots, and drinks. Fashion Week is a ton of work and sometimes it all doesn’t go to plan.

But honestly that’s totally fine with me – I made good use of my extra time! I snagged brunch with Tomi from GoodTomiCha and she was a total blog babe and scouted out the most amazing wall for me to take an Instagram photo at. Only your blog friends will scout out perfect Insta locations.

My NYFW handbag essentials.

My family over at Trendlee lent me the most amazing Gucci bag to sport during Fashion Week. I was so thankful to have this bag on hand because it was chic but actually super functional. I’m not a small bag kind of girl – I have a lot of shit to carry and need a bag that works as hard as I do.

NYFW is sort of a crazy mess so I like to pack all my essentials for on the go. I like to keep a mini hairspray and my fave lipstick on hand for quick touchups. I’ve also been packing these portable collagen peptide packets from Vital Proteins so that I can pop them into a bottle of water or even my coffee!

I also obvi have to have a camera on me. Because, ya know, I do it for the gram.

Hover your mouse over the below image and you’ll find handy links to shop all my handbag essentials.

My NYFW outfits.

We’ll finish off this post with the real goods – my wardrobe. I’m more of a lifestyle blogger than a fashion blogger, but I love NYFW because it’s the perfect excuse to showcase your personal style no matter what your style looks like. It’s all about what you like to wear not what’s “trendy.”

Plus I’m really loving that sneakers are back in style. I’m not about waiting in lines in heels.

Hover your mouse over the outfits below to learn more about each piece!

NYFW was so much fun – but I am so glad to be back home. I’m super excited to keep working on all the amazing changes that are to come here on Blondes & Bagels. Blogging (and life) is a journey. We change, we develop, we grow. I’m looking forward to having this site feel like ME again!

Thanks for growing with me, babes. Until next time.

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