Weekend Inspiration No. 1

Happy Sunday, babes! I rediscovered my Tumblr today and it sent me waaaaay down the path of nostalgia. And inspiration.

I used to use my Tumblr as like a rolling mood board back when I was studying design in college. From peonies to kittens to street shots of Paris to all black outfits – my Tumblr was a constant source of inspiration.

I want to resurrect some of that mood board style inspo in a new series here on Blondes & Bagels! Every so often on a Sunday I’ll toss up a little weekend inspiration for you. With NYFW is on the horizon I figured I’d kick this one off with a little New York flair.

for a hot second I thought this babe was Gigi but I’m pretty sure she’s just a gorgeous model in all black. Killing it, whoever she is.

Because nothing is better than cityscapes and florals. Seriously love the juxtaposition of urbanity and nature.

Um hi, hello, Olivia Palermo is everything. I kind of hated her bad attitude on The City but she’s worn enough amazing outfits since then. Not to mention done enough amazing brand collabs. I forgive her. Now I love her.

This seriously is my motto as I go into New York Fashion Week. As bloggers we’re all up in each other’s businesses – I see everyone’s collaboration, every Instagram post, every blog post. It’s super easy to look at the person next to you and feel competitive.

But honestly your success doesn’t mean my failure. I’m so proud of all my blogger babes and the amazing things they do.

Get ready for lots more inspiration in the weekends to come. Go kick Monday’s butt.