Free the Tatas – Why You Should Be Wearing Underwire Free Bras

You guys I fully spaced on getting this post finished for Thursday. Literally no explanation other than I was off having sushi with my girlfriends and came home and fully passed out.

Lolz sometimes life just happens that way. But here I am on a Friday ready to talk all about the tatas.

We’ve touched on some truly ladylike & serious topics in the past here on B&B – like how you’re being taxed on your period and why you should be pissed about it. I’m back at it with the fem topics.

Today we’re talking all about BOOBS. Let’s be honest. They’re super sexy as well as functional (our bodies are freaking amazing, aren’t they?). It’s also super important to take care of our girls because (in theory) you only get one set.

There’s a ton of myths out there about breast health and bras (that bras cause cancer being the big one). I’ll be clear – I am not a doctor nor am I a healthcare professional. What I am is a wellness obsessed 25 year old that is constantly fighting early signs of aging.

Including sagging and wrinkles.

And that’s why I decided to make the switch to underwire free bras.


Kelsey O'Brien from Blondes & Bagels discusses why it feels so good to switch to underwire free bras.

The benefits of wearing underwire free bras.

Improved posture.

I don’t want to come on here and shit all over underwire bras because, real talk, those babies give some nice lift. What I do want to shit on is poorly fitting underwire bras.

If your underwire bra doesn’t fit properly, it can actually cause a hunched posture. Not cute and also not good for your health. Underwire free bras inherently don’t have this issue, as there’s no wires to pull your body into position. Your girls are free to go where they please without constraint (and the potential forced “hunching”).

Irritant-free skin.

Underwire bras can sometimes cause pressure against the skin, causing rashes and irritation. Underwire or not, always opt for breathable fabrics so that your skin can still catch some air. Skin that is suffocated gets irritated.

Pain relief.

I swear every time I pop on a bra with underwire, I’m tugging at it halfway through my work day. Underwire bras can hurt. The wire starts to dig into my skin and it presses on my rib cage, causing me insane annoyance when I’m trying to focus. To not be painful, underwire bras have to fit perfectly.

Honestly I am bad about going and getting fitted for bras. I have a tendency to dig through the clearance bins at the Victoria’s Secret Annual Sale and just grab whatever seems like it’ll fit. Which usually means whatever I grabbed doesn’t fit and is crazy painful.

Switching to underwire free bras means I don’t have to have the hassle of doing a full fitting – and I don’t have to worry about any annoying wires digging into me in all the wrong ways.

(Potentially) perky boobs.

Alright alright alright. There’s zero science behind this one. There’s no scientific proof that bras cause sagging. But I’m a crazy paranoid human that’s going to ride this one anyway. I’ve always been a big believer in keeping things as close to natural as possible and strapping my girls up in cups of wire never felt quite right.

I don’t think I’ll ever fully ditch my bra, but it’s definitely been nice to feel a little….freer.

Do you wear underwire free bras? Tell me your thoughts on this topic in the comments below!

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4 responses to “Free the Tatas – Why You Should Be Wearing Underwire Free Bras”

  1. Tracey Sands says:

    I am such a fan of this post – I wholeheartedly agree with “freeing the tatas!”. I don’t know when the last time I wore an actual bra. Bralettes fo lyfe! <3

  2. Kenzie Finks says:

    I totally agree that underwire bras suck and are so painful but I have yet to find something that truly works for me… I am a DDD so bralettes and other similar bras don’t usually fit well enough either haha. Lately, I just go completely bra-less (;

    • Blondes & Bagels says:

      I’ve always imagined that’s got to be such a struggle to be anything bigger than a C cup when it comes to bralettes! Support is still important…its that pesky underwire I hate. Lol YOU GO GIRL. Burn the bra.

      xoxo Kelsey