Outside Lands Essentials


It’s festival season and Outside Lands is right around the corner! Outside Lands is the San Francisco version of a music festival (meaning there’s way better food than your typical fest). While we know you’re already breaking out your fringe boots and floppy hats in preparation, make sure you’re gearing up the right way for OSL! Check out five Outside Lands Essentials detailed below!

1. Portable Picnic Blanket


Unless you’re a fan of standing for hours or sitting in fog-dampened grass, you’ll want a picnic blanket to lounge on during all those awesome sets! The best kind of picnic blanket for Outside Lands is a portable fold-up style like this one! You’ll be able to quickly pack it back up and migrate to the next stage.

2. Soft Cooler


Although the food vendors at Outside Lands are notoriously tasty – they’re also notoriously expensive. Save some major cash by packing some snacks into a soft cooler. Make sure your cooler has soft sides only because hard coolers aren’t allowed at the festival and you’ll be turned away at the gate!

3. Plastic Water Bottle


Beautiful glass water bottles (like my personal favorite, the bkr) are really on trend right now, but absolutely not allowed at Outside Lands. Don’t forego a water bottle, but rather opt for a plastic refillable version so that you stay well hydrated throughout the weekend. I’m a fan of CamelBak’s Eddy 1L Water Bottle because it’s big, lightweight, and virtually spill proof.

4. Comfortable Clothing…think LAYERS!

A San Francisco summer is filled with fog rather than sunshine – be prepared! You’ll be tromping through dew glazed fields on your way to each stage, making your way through the mist. Make sure to wear layers so that when the sun peeks out you can catch that rare moment of vitamin D and quickly bundle back up when the fog rolls back in!

5. An Open Mind!

Outside Lands hosts amazing artists! While it may be tempting to enter into the festival at 5 pm to catch the headliners (and believe me, a large group of people do just that), make your way into the grounds earlier in the day and explore all the indie and smaller artists you may not know! Keep an open mind and catch some new bands – you may find a new favorite!

I’ll see you at OSL, darlings.

xoxo Blonde

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