Last Minute Halloween Costumes for the Lazy Girl

Hello my little lazy #BagelBabes. Maybe you’ve popped by because you’re on the last minute hunt for a Halloween costume. No judgement here. I totally don’t have a plan either.

Usually KB and I have a party or event lined up for good ol’ Hallow’s Eve, but this year we don’t have any concrete plans. I’m kind of okay with it because let’s be honest – nothing beats a night in with Hocus Pocus.

Halloween is mere days away so I wanted to round up some super easy last minute costume ideas for y’all in case you do decide to go out. Most of the below are super easy pieces to pick up in stores. They’re also pieces you could totally wear again and again (maybe minus the cat ears). You might even have some things already in your own closet.


Literally the easiest costume ever. I love that this costume can be totally sexy but doesn’t have to be revealing. Also basically tossing on anything black with a set of cat ears totally suffices. I’ve picked some cute fashiony cat ears below in case you’re feelin’ super fancy.



KB and I definitely were last min lumberjacks a couple years back. I ran to my local thrift store and found us buffalo plaid shirts and called it a day. I’m really into comfortable costumes that don’t make me want to kill myself after two hours out. This one was a total winner in that department.


Sadness from Inside Out

This was what I dressed up as last year. I was definitely the coolest kid at the club. Extra points if you can find a pal to dress up as Anger or Disgust with you.


 Carmen Sandiego

I swear you’ll find reasons to wear a red coat and a red felt hat again. Okay, maybe not together – but they’re totally staple pieces you might even already own.



I’ll forgive you if you decide to wear this dress again for New Years.



Do ballerina outfits remind anyone else of that one photoshoot Nicole Richie did for her book? No? Just me? Cool.

What are your Halloween plans this year?

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