A Weekend in Wine Country

Is anyone else on the struggle bus?

Raise your hand if you feel personally victimized by the long holiday weekend.

It’s been so hard to get back into the grind (hence why I missed posting for you guys on Tuesday). KB and I took a little mini vacation up to wine country and it was ahhhhmazing.

I’m not really a drinker you guys – but I drank. And wine tasting was so fun I kind of get why people are into it. Admittedly basically all wine tastes the same to me except my fave wine ever from Peju. It’s a red & white blend that you serve chilled – basically perfect if you like red wine but also want something fresh and crisp.

Anyway, as we were prancing around Napa I forced the boy toy to take some snaps so I could show you guys my latest obsessions from Erin Condren!

I’ve been a fan of Erin Condren for a while now, truthfully just because of their awesome agendas. I am SUCH an agenda person. I’m such a Type A personality and so OCD, I love to physically map out my days and be able to see what I have planned for the week.

But what I wasn’t super aware of is all the other cool stuff Erin Condren makes. I stumbled across their large totes and wine totes and went bananas.

Palm tree prints have been my jam lately so I picked out a large tote and a matching wine tote in a gorgeous palm print. I’m in the market to find some awesome palm print throw pillows too – so definitely keeping an eye out.

I’m also super digging that I was able to personalize these items. It’s basically impossible to confuse my bag with anyone else’s because my name is printed riiiiight on it.

Same with my little wine tote! I had my name printed on it. I actually totally used it during our visit to Peju. We wanted to grab two glasses of my fave wine and sit on the lawn, but learned it was $10 per glass or $23 per bottle. So obviously it was financially responsible to buy an entire bottle – which I was able to keep chilled as we sat out on the lawn thanks to my nifty wine tote.

I also got to break out my matching flip flops – because why not.

Ya’ll know from my weird Vera Bradley obsessions I love to coordinate, especially while traveling. There’s something so sickeningly satisfying (this is the OCD kicking in) when things match.

I am loving my new job, but not going to lie it was crazy hard to go back to work. Napa is seriously so gorgeous and it was so awesome to take some time to do nothing but eat, drink, and relax.

If you guys have been wanting to pick anything up from Erin Condren – you can save $10! You can just use my referral link and after you create an account you’ll get a sweet little $10 gift dropped into your account credit. I’m all about saving cash money.

I hope you guys had an awesome 4th of July weekend!

Have you been to Napa? Do you have a favorite wine or winery? Tell me in the comments below!

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