Bridal Skincare Prep: Peels

If ya’ll follow me on Instagram, you know that I’ve been going through a full bridal skincare & bodycare prep with SkinSpirit as my wedding day approaches. Shout out to Lauren at SkinSpirit for totally customizing an entire "bridal prep" routine just for me.

I just want to feel my absolute best on my wedding day. Clear, bright skin makes me feel confident. I had been going to SkinSpirit here in San Francisco long before I got engaged (check out my vlog of my first time getting Botox here), and knew they were the place to go for all things bridal prep.

I kicked off my bridal prep series with this blog post all about facials, but today we’re going to dig into why PEELS are an important part of any bride’s (...or just anyone’s) routine!


What is a peel?

Truthfully, one of the reasons I’m so ride or die for doing all things skincare at SkinSpirit is because they are a resource and they hire the experts. They actually have an amazing resource page on their website that breaks down what a chemical peel really is.

The long story short is that chemical peels reveal the smoother, healthier skin below the surface. Ever get that dull, tired look? A chemical peel is the solve to revealing bright, fresh skin underneath.

Why are peels important?

If I’ve learned anything during my time beauty blogging it’s that cell turnover is everything. Give me allll those fresh new sparkling skin cells on the surface thank you very much.

Peels help keep your skin fresh! Regular peels can reduce breakouts, discoloration, and wrinkles.


What types of peels does SkinSpirit offer?

Another reason SkinSpirit is my FAM - their consultations are the BOMBBBB dot com. Seriously. SkinSpirit has a list of the peels they offer (ranging from Vitalize, Modified Jessner Peel, and TCA/Pro-Retinol Peels), but truthfully, it's the consultation with your esthetician beforehand that’s the key.

I see Michelle at the Presidio SkinSpirit location for both facials and peels, and she always checks in with me at the beginning of every appointment to ask how my skin is doing. We discuss any problem areas, we talk about the current products I’m using, and even though I have a service pre-selected, she makes on the spot updates and recommendations as needed.

Why is it important to get a peel only from a trusted provider?

We only get one body. We only get one skin. I cannot stress enough how important it is to not only take care of your skin (just like you would any other body part!), but also to do so with a provider you really trust.

I trust my SkinSpirit family to recommend services that are right for my skin - and not recommend me things I don’t need.

Skin can be finicky! I trust my SkinSpirit family to customize and adjust on the fly when my skin isn’t cooperating or needs something different than what we had discussed before the appointment.

And in general, laying on a table with no makeup is an incredibly vulnerable state to be in. It definitely is for me! I trust my SkinSpirit family to make me feel at home and relaxed.

If you’re a Bay Area #BagelBabe, I truly cannot recommend coming to a SkinSpirit location enough. Like I said, if you follow me on Instagram, you ALREADY KNOW I’m a #1 fan. I had been coming to SkinSpirit all throughout 2018 to get Botox, but only stripped off the makeup and got a full consultation for facials, peels, etc in early 2019. I walked into SkinSpirit in February with spots, discoloration, and acne galore.

And today my skin is truly the clearest and brightest it’s been since I was a fresh faced teenager.

The team at SkinSpirit has seriously given me back the confidence to walk around makeup free - and I feel so incredibly READY for my wedding day because I won’t be fretting over my skin’s condition.


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