3 Easy Steps to Flawless Makeup

Makeup is one of my biggest vices. I love following every new product launch. I love spending hours (yes - I could literally blend eyeshadows for hours) getting ready. The process of applying
makeup is therapeutic to me - but if I've learned anything in my years of wearing makeup, it's that skin comes first.

Dying to get the look of perfect, flawless makeup? It all comes down to what's underneath your makeup and how you apply it.

Let's break down the three keys to a flawless makeup application.


Start drinking water first thing in the morning.

The very first thing I do when I wake up? Grab a glass of water.

It's important to start hydrating your body first thing in the morning. After (hopefully) hours of sleep, the body is thirsty - and so is the skin! The key to hydrated, healthy, prepped skin is

Which brings me to my biggest makeup prep life hack...

Hydrate your skin and prime - all in one!

A moisturizer and a primer are essential for creating the perfect canvas for your makeup. I'm all about products that check off two boxes in one. 

Enter, Olay Whips.

You guys know I'm already devoted to the Olay Microsculpting Cream. I've been using the Microsculpting Cream for months, but as my nighttime moisturizer. While I'm absolutely in love with that cream - it's just a little too thick for pre-makeup primer application. I needed something that would soak up quickly and leave my face dewy and primed. 

Olay Whips has been my secret sauce. Moisturizer and primer all in one, the Olay Whips feel light and fluffy, leaving my skin bouncy and just a little tacky (so my makeup sticks!). As a fan of the Microsculpting Cream, I opted for the "Regenerist" version of the Whips (there are two other versions, but I'm obsessed with Regenerist because of the anti-aging properties).

Now that I'm 26 I've been packing my skincare routine filled with anti-aging products. Preventative measures are everything.

The Olay Whip Regenerist tackles troubling wrinkles, but isn't heavy (which is key for flawless makeup application). The Regenerist cream is also formulated with Amino-Peptide Complex II to regenerate surface cells. Can I get a YES.

If you're looking for more luminosity I would recommend the "Luminous" version of Olay Whips. If you're on the hunt for a multi-tasking priming moisturizer, the "Total Effects" version might be your jam.

There's a Whips for everyone.

I've been ditching my separate day time moisturizers and primers in favor of my all in one Olay Whips. I'll take every extra minute of sleep in the morning that I can get.


Use the proper tools.

Hydrated skin comes first - the proper tools come second.

I love to keep good quality brushes on hand for flawless makeup application. I'm also a huge fan of using makeup sponges to apply my tinted moisturizer or creams. The moisture from the sponge and the "bouncing" technique of pushing the product into the skin creates a gorgeous, airbrushed finish. 



The only thing I love more than a multi-tasking product is a good deal. You can actually snag the Olay Whips in a 2-pack exclusively at Sam's Club! 

Tell me your pre-makeup application routine in the comments below!

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