Work Out Anywhere? A SWEAT App Review.

I’ve had an off and on relationship with exercise pretty much my entire life. I played soccer as a kid and all throughout high school. And not just like the kids leagues - we’re talking varsity and competitive traveling soccer.

I was active.

But like, things change. You get older, move away, and weekly soccer practices aren’t part of the schedule anymore.

Although I gained a little weight in college compared to high school, it honestly wasn’t much. I still hit a reasonable number of steps in a single day even without soccer.

It was when I made the transition into “adult life” - a corporate office job - that things really changed. I was no longer active. I took public transit to work every day, sat in a cubicle, and went home around five. I still have a fairly similar pattern.

There are pros and cons to any workout - but I did want to make sure to review an AT HOME app option that I’ve liked having in my back pocket and think all you Bagel Babes might like, too: SWEAT.

I don’t want to hop on the new year “trend” of starting new workout routines. I want to be really clear - I am not new to the Sweat app. I am clearly no expert and my record of consistency is nothing to write home about, but I have a good understanding of the program including alllll the pros and cons.

Let’s break down the Sweat app from top to bottom.

sweat app review

What is Sweat?

Sweat is an app developed by internationally renowned trainer Kayla Itsines. Sweat is actually more than an app - it started as a workout program in the form of a PDF.

Yep, you heard me, a PDF. You’d legit print that shit and bring it with you to work out. Lolz. But anywhoosen - now it’s an app.

Sweat is essentially a mini circuit training exercise. There are two different circuits in each workout that are only seven minutes long each. You do each one twice (so four circuits total for a 28 minute workout). Most require no equipment at all - just your own body weight.

If you’re doing the Sweat program to the letter of the law, you’re doing the circuits three times a week and sprinkling in cardio, etc the rest of the week.

How much does Sweat cost?

It’s a little hard to nail down the exact cost of Sweat because there are often promo deals. Your cost will also depend on if you opt into the app monthly or annually.

As of January 2019, a monthly subscription costs just under $20 a month and annual is approximately $120 a year.

However you do the math - it’s definitely cheaper than a gym membership.

Where can you do Sweat?

Literally anywhere! Your living room, the gym, the beach, a park - seriously you can work out anywhere because Sweat is housed in app format and requires almost no equipment.

sweat app review

All in all, I think the pros of using the Sweat app outweigh the cons.

Have I lost weight using the app? Absolutely not. Have I been consistent about following the program? ABSOLUTELY not. What I've struggled with the most is consistency. Without a class or a teacher to hold me accountable, I struggle to motivate my lazy ass off the couch.

But hey, if your willpower exceeds mine - DO YOU. Sweat clearly works for a lot of people!

Have you tried the SWEAT app? Share your experience in the comments below!

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