Work From Home Outfits That Increase Productivity

Straight up – if you have the option to work from home during this pandemic (like I do), we are privileged. I have to give a massive shoutout to everyone out there that continues to go in to work – all the healthcare workers, grocery store clerks, and other public servants. I am definitely so thankful for what you do.

But if you are like me and “stuck” inside (I’m very into shelter in place – it’s crazy important – read my thoughts here), you’re probably also struggling with productivity.

And it might be because you’re wearing your PJs all day – am I right?

This is not a post about how to work from home – there are thousands of posts like that out now. This post is about how to dress appropriately to maintain productivity while working from home.

And after many a year working part-time from home, I’ve finally got this dress code situation down.

Lifestyle blogger Kelsey of Blondes & Bagels highlights the best work from home outfits for productivity.

How to dress cozy and still get stuff done while working from home.

Pro tip for the ladies: always put on a bra.

I told myself I wouldn’t be doing a “work from home tips” blog post – everyone and their grandma is doing that right now – but I do have one BIG tip I have to share.

If you wear bras – wear a bra while working from home.

The bra is symbolic. The bra symbolizes the start of a work day. The taking off of the bra symbolizes the end of a work day. The bra is symbolic. The bra is ceremonial. WEAR THE BRA.

I know it sounds weird, but trust me. If you put on a bra, you’ll enter “real world” mode vs I’m at home in my PJs mode. You’ll get way more done.

I have small boobs so I can get away with bralette styles (no underwire) – highly recommend if you can manage them as well. Underwires are crazy uncomfortable for me. I’m specifically into the Everlane bras – they’re sustainably made and underwire free.


Once the bra is on – I recommend opting for a knit top for the day (vs a woven like a button down). Button down shirts might scream business, but they’re not exactly cozy.

I’ve been loving graphic tees and crewnecks – specifically from Anine Bing. I’m new to the Bing train. Loads of women in San Francisco wear her designs, and I never understood the hype. Her tees and crewnecks aren’t cheap – tees typically float around the $100 mark and crewnecks around $170.

What I can say? I bought this tee and this crewneck in the ShopBop annual sale…and I’ve already ordered another tee and another crewneck. I’m obsessed. I’ve been wearing my Anine Bing tee and crewneck almost every single day of working from home during shelter in place thus far.

Gross? Yes. Chic? Totally.

The fabric quality is thick and beautiful on both pieces, the designs are fun enough to not be your “boring” standard capsule wardrobe pieces without being trendy. Think rock and roll cozy classics.


With work from home bottoms – I’m all about the stretchy waistband.

Stretchy waistband does not mean pajama pants.

Stay in your PJ bottoms all day and, trust me, jack shit is getting done. There are so many great pant options that look like business pants – but have the comfort of a sweat pant.

Everlane makes some great bottom options, like this easy chino pant (stretch waistband and all!). I’m also into their GoWeave pant. I also have the crewneck (in this same material) version of these sweats – they’re on the more casual side but still tailored enough to feel put together. I’ve also been wanting to try the new Everlane leggings and honestly, now might be the time.

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Lifestyle blogger Kelsey of Blondes & Bagels highlights the best work from home outfits for productivity.
Lifestyle blogger Kelsey of Blondes & Bagels highlights the best work from home outfits for productivity.

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